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How come after two weeks of great vacation I am having trouble getting back early to work and focus on my assignments?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) August 9th, 2010

I am feeling a little bit strange, like I never been on vacation at all. Feeling so weak with no motivation to do anything. Am I the only one who felt like that after a long vacation?

I’m trying to get back to myself, but nothing helped so far.
If you did, how you got back to the real world of work and family?

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Because you don’t feel like working, that’s all. This is quite common after vacations.

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Don’t know, but I never felt like that. Like nothing is really important to me, I have all the time (which I don’t) and all the ambition and motivation and desire to succeed, everything suddenly disappeared.

I thought maybe I’m sick, but no.

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I just got back from a lovely weekend camping trip with two awesome flutherites, and I still do not want to go to work today. It is normal you got into relax mode and now you do not want to get out of it.

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Vacation Hangover disorder.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I’m thinking of setting up a foundation to study this. Care to make a donation?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Care to lick my butt? If yes, pm me!

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I hope you feel better soon and get back into things. Maybe you feel left behind or that you don’t know where to start now that you’re straight back into it. Organise your work out, what you have to do, prioritize, and try get back into the routine. You may also feel like this if you did not make the most of your time off and are kicking yourself about it, but try to relax :)

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Because the soul is willing but the flesh is weak.

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This may not apply to you at all, but it might be something to consider: One time, I transferred to another position within the same company. It wasn’t until I was in the new job that I realized how much I loathed the last one and was rationalizing ‘happiness’ in that position.

A favorite quote from “The Big Chill” -

Michael: I don’t know anyone who could get through the day without two or three juicy rationalizations. They’re more important than sex.
Sam Weber: Ah, come on. Nothing’s more important than sex.
Michael: Oh yeah? Ever gone a week without a rationalization?

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Very common. At the end of the day, even a great job is still a job.

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@lilikoi Yup…and that is why it is called “work”.

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Who wants to work after two weeks of rest and relaxation? Not me :) You’ll re-adjust soon I’m sure

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sometimes you need a mental vacation to get yourself prepared for the work week. i didnt experience what vacation felt like until the last day of my vacation. it was the most laid-back day of all. what i did on the last day, i should have done on the first,

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Did I miss something? Is that message @Simone_De_Beauvoir from one and same?

I don’t get the “butt licking” thing.

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@MissA I believe that was directed at my request for donations.

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