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Question of a confused girl....

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) March 23rd, 2008

Here’s the situation:
I’m really good friends with a boy of my age. We have a special greeting for each other and recently i started making these bracelet things (don’t ask) – he thought one i made was cool, i gave it him, and now he wears it everyday.

We always have a good laugh together, and there’s been moments where i thought we were more than friends. (i.e. one we had a poke-fight when we were sat right next to each other – yeah it was childish and retarded but oh-so cute ^.^).

Could this relationship be anything special?

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Sounds like it already is something special. Don’t muck it up by trying to change it. Sounds like he thinks it’s something special too. Just enjoy it.

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If you are poking, that usually is a sign that there is more to it!

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I think it will blossom into something very special if you let it. Congratulations!

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quote from the movie Hitch, “Hitting is good!”

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agreed on the above answers

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first question is how old are the two of you? The answer makes a world of difference if you are 10 vs 40 year old

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Yes, it could be something special.

What do you want it to be? Why are you asking Fluther this instead of him?

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Sounds like you guys are friends. This is a great start! Just let things progress, and if you feel the impulse to be more than friends, ask him out. No rush, wait until it feels like the right thing to do.

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It’s already something special. Very cute, at least. ;-)

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1. We’re both 13.
2. Maaaaybe i do want it to be…..
And lastly i have (sort-of) already had a failed confession to him (damn you valentine trickery).....but that was a while back – things are pretty stable now.

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ok things may go the way you want just be aware that guys mature at a later age then girls meaning that he may not even thinking about girlfriends at this age. Chill with him and have fun

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