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Has anyone heard of Google Street View getting someone thrown in jail or vice versa?

Asked by Randy (11199points) August 9th, 2010

I’m sure we’ve all seen some of the crazy things that can be seen on Google Maps using Google Street View but has any of that ever gotten anyone arrested? Has it ever been used to prove an alibi as a lie? On the other hand, has it given anyone an alibi? Obviously it could be used for all this, but should it be able to? Has it already? What stories have you heard, seen or experienced?

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I don’t think they date and time those pictures… How would one use them for an alibi?

Also, depending on the area I’m sure, but I know where I am police won’t take photographs as evidence of trespassing or other crimes of a personal nature. An officer has to physically see the person on your property in order to arrest them.

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Well there’s this one:
but I don’t think they’ll be thrown in jail for this.

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