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Would you still believe in a religion if there was no promise of an afterlife?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) August 9th, 2010

Imagine your current religion, or any other religion for that matter, did not make any promises for any kind of existence after death, and even states so implicitly in their holy books/texts/stories that there is no Heaven, Hell, Valhalla, etc, or even reincarnation for mortals.

If this were the case, would you still follow that religion? Why or why not?

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I would still not believe or have a religion.

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Depends on what your idea of an afterlife is.

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Afterlife is actually just a man-made imagination. Many people stick to their religion for this pragmatic reason.

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“Not true. Everything has an after life in one form or another”.

How could you know about that?

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Well, besides the fact that I am God.

Our atoms go on to eventually form other things. That is an after life.

The ground consumes us. Benefiting the environment. That is an after life.

Our children go on to have children… Like I said, depends on what your idea of an afterlife is.

We never go away, we just change form.

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@ChazMaz Fine. For the purposes of this question, we’re talking about an afterlife where you retain your consciousness and sense of self.

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That is very subjective. You want us to believe that natural decomposition is considered as “afterlife?” OK,but that is your personal afterlife.

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I would because religion is more than just a promise of an afterlife, it’s a way of life. Life on earth.

That’s one of my major problems with religions, that they put so much emphasis on afterlife that afterlife becomes the main motivation for doing right or not doing wrong to avoid a negative afterlife.

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Yes. You can take away my afterlife and everything I have, but you can’t take away my faith in my religion. Religion is a form of morality and away of life, but it’s also my relationship with my God. That won’t be broken because there is no afterlife.

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I would believe regardless! Love they neighbor as thyself would solve everyone’s problems! Not withstanding, there would peace in this crazy mixed up World.

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I was never aware of believing in an afterlife as being my reason for believing in God. I am more certain of an afterlife than I am of a God because of supernatural experiences I’ve had. I was lucky.

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I am suspicious of any religion that does preach afterlife, and for sure preaches it in the extreme, such as Muslim extremists who kill for it. For me, the most important thing is making every moment count here and now and safeguarding life and treating others as we, ourselves, wish to be treated. Imagine if all religions had that in common—what a better world this would be.

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I’m an agnostic now and I don’t believe that there is an afterlife.

If when I die it turns out there is one, then I might consider a religion, and that would depend on what I encounter then.

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I had a guy friend, a physician’s assistant, who is a strong Atheist. He would go on and on telling me how devoted he is to animals and his wife and helping others.
Then one day he said he was in the room when his mother died and so was her CAT. Right after she died, he said, the cat looked up at the ceiling for several minutes. He said he is certain the cat saw her up there.
I’m just sayin’.

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my soul is going to just float around a hospital waiting for the sound of the first babies scream, and then it’s gunna hop right in that sucker and wahlah! yup sure is.

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Sort of like @Austinlad said, I’m leery of claims of an afterlife. There’s just no proof of it. But just lacking claims of an afterlife wouldn’t be enough to get me to follow it. If I found I could truly believe it, I would follow it. Happily too, most likely.

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”—what a better world this would be.”

So true.
It seems that logic would dictate that we should take care of the world that we ALL know exists.

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The promise of an afterlife does not make me want to believe in a religion.

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No-pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die? No way!
Although I don’t believe now, heaven notwithstanding.

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BRAVO @ ChazMaz!!!!!! Keep up the great answers!!!!

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I’m spiritual, not religious. I already believe there is an afterlife so it would not make sense for me to believe in any religion that denies there is an afterlife existance. Like I said, on top of that I am not religious in any way so even if a religion believed in an afterlife I still wouldn’t follow it.

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Yes. There are dozens of reasons why religion matters to me.

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If there was no afterlife what would be the reward? It would be like going to work when they didn’t say they would pay you. What would be the point of getting up and going to work. To not have an afterlife would make it not a religion to me, because it is the thought of being rewarded with an afterlife in which I can meet God and fellowship with him is the reward for running the good race, and living right.

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