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What kind of old person do you imagine you'll be?

Asked by ucme (50031points) August 9th, 2010

Sweet mild mannered satisfied at a life well lived. Or a cantankerous grumpy mean old goat. Go on, project an estimation of your future old self. By old let’s say the generally accepted three score year & ten (70+). Assuming you’re lucky to live that long of course.

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I have had a few experiences that have shaped how I will be when I am old. I once lived across the street from an old age home. The people there ranged from really sweet to horrible.

Then my own mother didn’t take the loss of her independence well and acted out so horribly to her aides that I was terminally embarrassed.

Those two examples have made me vow not to react that way when my old age comes.

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Generally nice but cranky as hell when annoyed.

Basically current-day me with wrinkles.

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I’d still go to concerts and mosh, hitting posers doing bullshit karate moves in the pit with my steel cane.
“In my days, doing that stupid shit will earn you an ass kicking. Well, here’s yours!”

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I am pretty sure I will be as I already am, always have been, cheerful, humorous, polite, non-demanding but outspoken.

I don’t like grumpy anyones…keep your bah-humbug attitude to yourself.

A lot of people seal their own fate in their old age by being chronic complainers and miserable victims.

You have to be the type of person someone WANTS to be around. lol

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Single with all of my own stuff. I would be cynical and bitter on the inside, but happy and freespirited on the outside lol.

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I’ll be a crazy old cat lady. I’m almost there!

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If I live long enough, it will be great.

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I’m not sure which one I’ll be. I’m just starting out my life, but I hope to be a hot cougar at that age. I wanna have me a delicious looking cub when I’m that old. ;)

Oh, I almost forgot that I want to have a hot pink motor scooter with a pink cheetah print furry thing on my seat. It’s my Alzheimer’s already!

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I picture myself a distinguished, salt-and-pepper haired gentleman with a goatee who year after year looks younger and handsomer than his age, a scholarly type who still wears jeans and to whom people count on forcounsel and a great pun now and then. Oh wait—that’s me now. Later, who knows!

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@Austinlad ha ha!

“When I’m old [I think] I shall wear purple…”

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Pretty sure I’ll be like the old guy in UP.

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I’ll probably be how I am now, but hopefully wiser.
As far as appearance goes, I’ll probably be pleasantly plump with long salt and pepper locs and minimal wrinkles =)

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When I’m old my neighbors are gonna know me as the crazy old lady next door. :)

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I think it will really depend on how much pain I am in, if any, and how much of my mental capabilities I retain. Too soon to predict, but I did have one parent who became sweeter nad one who became more, demanding; I hope I favor the sweeter one.

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@ucme Well, glad you qualified what is considered old..loll

I’ll be the same person I’m now. Only better looking!

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Beautiful but bored.

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Grateful to still be here.

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I don’t plan on getting old.

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A wiser version of my current self if I’m lucky enough to still be here

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The older I get, the more cautious I get. My son says I worry too much, because I’m always thinking ahead, as opposed to his life style, playing video games all night, sleeping all day and waiting for a job to come knocking on his door

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Ha, they’ll call me a hippie and say I’m out of touch.

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I want to be crotchety, sweet and wise (and fresh with the young ladies)!

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@BoBo1946 Long, long way to go before those days are upon me. Just to answer my own question, i’d probably wind up being the old guy in the park riding my skateboard checking out all the girls. “shay shweety, would ya like a lick of ma lollipop!”

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@ucme LOLLL….in other words, a dirty old man! Nothing wrong with that, if you are a sweet dirty old man. Nothing more heart warming than an older person who still has zest and vigor for life. My Mom is 87 years old. She still has a LOT of fire inside her. When she play a card game or whatever, she will fight you to win, but in a very nice way.

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@BoBo1946 You got it! I was born a kid, live my life as a big kid & goddammit, i’ll die a kid at heart…..okay a randy kid but a kid nontheless.

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@ucme you got it…I’m going down, but not without a good fight!

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