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What kind of website should I start?

Asked by Atheros (320points) August 9th, 2010

So I’m looking at great and fast growing, innovative, modern websites like Fluther for example and see how fast the web is developing.
I own a website, and I get around 2.000 page views daily. But the topic is very specific, and not many people are interested in its content.

So I am asking you what kind of a website or a web service would you like to visit? Or, what do you recommend is a good, innovative, wanted website topic or service I should start?

Any ideas or tips on launching a wanted website are welcomed and highly appreciated!

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If I had an idea for a great website, I wouldn’t just give it to you.

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Personally I feel that the very best websites are the ones built by persons that are passionate about the subject matter. It comes through not only in the content but the design and management of the site as well. If you are just looking for a quick and dirty way to make a buck, I suppose you could search Google Trends for what people are searching for most and make your decisions based on that. Bottom line is people want to be entertained and they want to find information quickly and easily. If your site is hard to navigate or full of useless information it will not be successful.

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find something that doesn’t have a place yet, that doesn’t have a community, but is growing, once you find it you should be onto a winner, i started one for “android powered tablets” and after 3 months its at nearly 12k members and 12k daily views.

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