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Are you a regular 'thanker'?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) August 9th, 2010

Let say,that your co-worker always bring you a cup of coffee at work,you know that you pay him for that and that is part of his job. Will you say a “thank you” for him each time he brings you a cup of coffee? Well,that is just an example.

Now this is about yourself,did you always thank other people who contribute something to you? Did you say “thank you” only if you feel grateful toward other people’s contribution?

Anyway,thank you for spending your time writing your responses.

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I always try to say thank you.

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Yes, thank yous are cheap, and when you spread them around they come back to you ten fold.

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I always say thank you. Whether I’m just buying a coffee or someone does something huge and helpful. It lets people know that you appreciate what they’ve done for you.

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I am overly polite if that is possible. I’d thank a wall if it helped hold me up if I was drunk.

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I am because it doesn’t take much and lubricates social interaction so that I can get through it all faster and focus on helping people I need to help.

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Yes, I always show my appreciation with a thank you.

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Yes, and I tell my dear ones, I love you.
In the 80s, I said ” has anyone told you they loved you today”, during drum corps…..
How cheesy…...

I always thank my Mom, the girl that helps me clean and the neighbors across the street.
and even customer service people on the phone. I was on the other end for years.

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Yes… going along with your example, the waitress’ job is to bring me food and drinks, but I thank her for doing it anyway. It’s not hard to be polite, and people feel good when you are respectful towards them.

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I always thank people when they do something that I appreciate, even if I’m paying them to do it. Repair people who show up on time, children who are acting especially good, anything that makes my day nicer and easier.

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Without fail. With my friends, co-workers, and with sales people and waiters. I had to resist the urge to say it when I lived in NY because they tend to look at you funny up there when you do, but I resumed the habit when I moved back to Texas. Nowadays, clerks don’t always say thank you to their customers, but rather, “No problem” when you thank them. I hate that.

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I say thank you like it’s going out of style.

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I find in certain situations it is inappropriate, where it is best to keep a professional distance.

I do not expect an executive to say “thank you” 20 times a day for every little thing, including me bringing her coffee – only for extra efforts above and beyond the call. I do not expect customers at a fine restaurant to ever say thank you to a waiter. The thank you is in the tip. I do not expect a stewardess to have to endure 80 thank yous in a row as she is handing out drinks on a flight. She wants a quick grab, not another thank you.

I do not expect to say thank you to the maid multiple times a day for doing her job, or to the kids for doing their chores.

Even at the peer level, if “thank you” is used wholesale, by default just to be safe, it has much less impact.

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i say thank you, please, and sorry whenever i think i should.

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Yes. I’m just showing my appreciation for their kindness.

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yes…thanks for your question lol

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Yes; thanks for the question.

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Yes, even for the smallest things.

@jazmina88 My husband and I say I love you to each other and our children every day. I say it to my parents every time I talk to them. Some of my husband’s co-workers would give him shit for telling me he loves me over the phone. Luckily, my husband doesn’t care what others think. :)

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Yup, I enjoy having stuff to be thankful for.

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It is said that a thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but also the parent of all other virtues.

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I am a firm believer that manners are the “grease” for the wheels of social interaction.

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Yes, all the time. I even say thank you to family members each time they do a task, like pick up my empty plate on their way to the kitchen, or turn off the boiling water.

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I always say, “Thank you”...any time someone does something nice for me. At times, I thank people when I see them do something nice for someone else.

I like to compliment people when they are courteous——people who take your order on the phone, waitresses, the checker who always smiles…I will thank them and tell them how much I appreciate their courtesy.

I like cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

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Yup, my mom told me to always say please and thank you, so I do.

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I thank people all the time. I feel that I should make people feel appreciated.

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I thank everyone for every little thing, it’s the way I was raised. I also say sorry for everything even if it’s not truly wrong. THAT quirk is thanks to my ex.

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I say we all give thanks to @Doctor_D for this great question and ask for more just like it… please.

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@All Thank you for your time.

It’s so interesting to see that most people out there show a large amount of gratitude toward other people,on the contrary,people in my country act like what @ipso described,not many people will thank each other for small contribution. In most restaurant all the costumer will not say thank you to the waitresses for taking their orders (included my family),no tips for them,many people assume that if you thank someone from lower status that means you’re degrading your own status.

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Yes. It helps me to stay healthy. And it helps other people because of the appreciation they get.

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Yes, I would say “thank you” for that.

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