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What's the best alcoholic beverage in terms of bang for the buck?

Asked by ETpro (34503points) August 9th, 2010

I know a lot of down-and-out street people go for fortified wines like Thunderbird and MD 20/20 But do those provide the highest dose of alcohol for the dollar spent? Compass Gin (or 190 proof grain alcohol) is fairly expensive, but you could mix it with grape juice and make a lot of bottles of MD 20/20. Has anyone done the math to figure our which libation winos really should save up to buy?

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removed by self

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Really I think the best bang for your buck is in mouth-wash. Cheap and pretty much pure grain alcohol.

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@judochop I don’t know what mouthwash you are using. Listerene is 21.6% ethanol and has enough other stuff in it to make it a truly terrible drink.

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A fifth of everclear is about $22 if it’s legal in your state, at 95% abv. By comparison, a fifth of smirnoff vodka is $12 and 40% abv. A fifth is about 750 ml. With everclear, you get about 30 ml of alcohol per dollar spent, vs. 25 ml of alcohol per dollar spent… I think. Math isn’t my strong suit. Anyway, it doesn’t look like a huge difference, but I’m drinking cheap wine right now and it is awesome.

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@Haleth There are some vodkas like Kamchatka and Popov that are like $8.99 a fifth. That competes VERY well with Everclear. Unfortunately, Everclear is illegal here in Massachusetts. The 151 proof Rums are the highest alcohol content allowed. And a 5th of 151 Proof runs in the $22 range as well.

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Why would you want to contribute to their demise?

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@MissA A reasonable question. I am not asking because I want to become an efficiency expert advising winos on how to more quickly pickle their liver. I am thinking of the rare occasions when I want to imbibe. I’m just honest enough to admit I don’t really drink booze for the taste. :-)

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I see. My perspective would be to enjoy it, much like sex. It’s the whole experience…not simply how much you can withstand. @ETpro I guess that my age is showing! hmmmm.

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Safeway brand vodka was my best friend when I was unemployed. Best deal I could find!

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What ever happened to having a dram because you enjoyed the taste or the flavor.

Not getting plowed, shitfaced, hammered, blotto, drunk of your ass, etc.

I must be missing something… O’ well back to my favorite three fingers of Scotch…

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@boffin Ein Prosit!

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If they are going to save up, might as well save up for Glenlivet 15.

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@josie Sadly, taste and bang-for-the-buck are almost totally antithetical.

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