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What is the best cat food brand out there?

Asked by erus (80points) August 9th, 2010

I’ve stayed away from brands like IAMS because their one of the many popular brands on the recall list.
I usually feed them Friskies and occasionally starkist tuna (i know its bad, but they go crazy for it)

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Wellness is what my cats like, it’s a holistic brand. They also like Nutro.

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My cats have allergy issues, so I feed them Evoo and they like it.

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I like verus dry food, it is all natural food, and you can even call the company and they will send you all the proof of where their food ingredients come from. Also if you call the main line they connect you to the owner’s cell phone.

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A good friend of mine, who loves his kitties, always buys them the good stuff. I’ll have to take his word for it.

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a rule of thumb when getting pet food is to avoid whatever is sold in grocery stores or whatever you see advertised on TV. The good stuff is made by companies who don’t spend money on advertising as the food is generally more expensive and paying for ads only drives the cost of already expensive food higher. I have heard good things about Orijen brand cat/ dog food my dogs like it.

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Royal Canin

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lams is the best

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Jilly likes Fancy Feast and her dry food is whatever vet-recommended weight-control formula is on sale.

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@fightfightfight Iams is actually not a very good food at all. If you do your research you will see that. i work at a pet store that mainly bases itself on selling all natural foods and educating you on what foods are bad and why. Iams falls under the not good foods, with by products and others ingredients that are not good for your dog. companies like Iams import cheap ingredients from other countries, that can potentially harm your dog in the long run without you knowing it. Science Diet is also not a good food, many vets get paid a lot of money to promote it. If you would like some proof I would be happy to post it at a later time. for now off to bed with me, work in the morning.

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In general you should be careful about foods that say vet recommended. Like science diet vets get paid a lot of money to promote certain foods. Research is key.

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IAMS is garbage.

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I’m middle of the road, mix science diet and cat chow into a custom 50/50 blend.

My girl kitty gets a can of Fancy Feast every morning, the boy does not like canned food at all.

My avatar is him this morning looking annoyed as I played with the webcam on my laptop.

You can see his cattitude cup runneth over. lol

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I feed my cats Evo. The vet recommended it because it is low in carbs. High carb foods are bad for cats and can cause them to become diabetic and overweight later in life.

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@Trance24 Hmmm….interesting. I did not know that. No need, I believe you. Actually, to tell you the truth, the real reason I said that was because I see commercials for it on tv all the time and it seemed ok so I never really did any research on it. It was just a stupid guess, so touché

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@fightfightfight Its ok many people are misinformed and go for the big advertised brands.

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