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Is it a good idea to scratch my dog's chin until his leg vibrates like he is itching the ground?

Asked by judochop (16089points) August 9th, 2010

Is this really something dog’s like? I can’t tell. They do not seem to mind however they don’t really seem to dig it either. What is going on when this “tickle” spot is being touched?

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I think you might be giving that dog a seizure!

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it is not a seizure. I believe it is an automatic response.

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I think they like it. If they are putting their head back and sorta panting and their tongue hanging…then I think they like it…maybe? I don’t know I agree with @jazmina88 maybe it’s like how their tails wag.

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My dogs love it. They close their eyes with pleasure, and if I stop petting them, one of them will nudge my hand to get me to start again!

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When dog do that they are loving life. It’s like your that is the spot. Keep rubbing.

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Since you are scratching a nerve and the response is automatic it could be annoying if you continue it for long. Dogs do love scratching however so move your hand over a bit to let the dog enjoy the experience without jerking his leg.

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Pet and scratch your dog as much time will allow!

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I know that dogs love being scratched. I’ve had dogs my entire life.
What I am asking is regarding the spot that makes their leg move when you scratch. Every dog has this spot. I just happen to have two dogs that have nothing but this spot.

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Yes! And as often as possible!!!
Under the collar is a great spot, too!

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