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If I downloaded a video, what format does it need to be in so it can open in ITUNES?

Asked by nimarka1 (942points) August 10th, 2010

I downloaded one of my favorite series, and I want to put it on my Ipad (it would be ridiculous on an ipod). To play a video, I have to open it on VLC (the program with the orange cone as an icon). In info it says it’s kind is AVI container. or the title ends with .avi

So what format do I need to change it into, and how do I do it? thanks!

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HandBrake may or may not be able to do it for you. I’ve had good and bad results with it.

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These formats can be opened in iTunes:

MOV (QuickTime Movie)
MP4 (MPEG-4)
AVI (Windows Video)
DV (Digital Video)
Any other video formats that QuickTime can play

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Don’t be deceived. iTunes can play a variety of formats (especially if augmented with Perian) but the iPad only plays .mp4 and .mov.

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@lapilofu And if you don’t have OS X? Remember, Apple doesn’t have a monopoly of everything (as much as they’d apparently like to).

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@jerv I guess you wouldn’t need Perian if you didn’t use OS X? I’m not sure what you’re replying to.

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@lapilofu The only videos I have that open in iTunes are all MP4. Some were transcoded to MP4 so that I could sync them to my iPod Touch; something I cannot do with any other format. iTunes won’t even see them unless/until I run them through a transcoder.

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@jerv Fair point. I guess that didn’t really occur to me. It was really a side note to the real issue anyway—which is not actually what iTunes can play, but what iPad can play. Which are different questions—only the second of which I answered thoroughly.

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@lapilofu Well, it’s almost 1AM here, and possibly later where you are, so it’s a fair bet that both of our brains are a little mushy right now :P

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@jerv True. We’re on the same coast, it appears. :)

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thank you everyone for our responses.
what program do you guys recommend i use or download?

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