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How do I change my evil ways?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) August 10th, 2010

I’m tired of being so unmotivated. Sloth is a deadly sin, and I am quite slothful these days. Is it really as easy as strapping on the running shoes and going for it. This really is a problem for me, I’m not doing anything productive, positive with my time. Even though I am stuck here on this island, I can still make better of it. I feel like my only option is to continue with Government Assisstance, or be a bum on the street. I’m a Republican damn it, I should be able to support myself. I was very high when I registered as a Republican. I’m a felon anyways so it’s not like I can vote. Fuck it, I’m going to at least get in good shape. How do I start an excercise regiment?

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Just do it as they say

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Do one thing at a time.

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The first step is always the most difficult…... after that things get easier.
Try it… you never know you might like it. Good luck

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I know this is a weak question, kinda puss. But it’s life and death for me, if I don’t start taking better care of my health I’m going to suffer great. I don’t want to suffer. But they say “no pain, no gain” That means to me that one pain can lessen another, I need to really learn that.

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I suggest you start by reading and learning. fill your brain with what you need to know about what you need to do. knowledge is power. start searching for the right book this instant. get your nose in to a book by the end of the day. spend time learning about what you want to accomplish.

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Go for it. You must do the thing you think you cannot do as they say. I’m working on that one myself :)
The benefits for the mind, body and soul will outweigh everything else

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Start by listening to another Santana song

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You can start by getting off the computer.

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First get a medical examination and then start an physical fitness journal where you log all the exercises that you do each day. Your journal will be a motivator as you won’t want to have any blank pages. Begin slow with just a few reps of basic simple calisthenics (sit-ups, push-up, pull-ups, jumping-jacks, stretching). Start jogging slowly also with short distances with some walking. Increase your jogging distances no more than 10% per week. Use common sense like if your legs are sore then rest them and do upper body exercises. Also eat a healthy diet and lay off the tobacco, alcohol and other recreational drugs. Do a little bit everyday, not a lot once in a while. When I’m feeling tired and lazy, I tell myself to cut the crap and get out there and do it! Remember it is sometimes hard to start a workout, it is sometimes hard to do a workout but you’ll you will always feel good when you complete a workout.

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Re-register as a Democrat…not only will you lose 10 lbs right off….you will sleep better at night and so will I.

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I was so out of my mind when I did it. If someone had a gun to my head I still couldn’t tell you what one even was. Yeah, I came out of the closet, when I told my parents I was a Republican. But you can do that, re-register, sweet, I’ll be none of the above.

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I’ve had the same problem before. It’s really awful. I tried and tried to make myself do something and just couldn’t get going. I went to counseling and was told I had depression. No motivation, nothing, so my doctor started me on some meds, and boy do I feel better. Maybe you could benefit from some meds. It’s worth a try! Good Luck.

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Sexercise!!.......& in & out, good good.Work it….& in & out….(shaking it all about is optional)

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@truecomedian I feel that you are the victim of an attempted date rape…someone slipped you a mickey and you cannot be held accountable for your actions when you subsequently registered as a Republican. Contact your election board immediately so you straighten out this mess.

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All I know about Republican’s is there old, white, and wouldn’t let you use their bathroom in an emergency. I shouldn’t make jokes, this is serious. What should I change to? I vote lesbian.

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Try joining a gym. Membership is quite expensive, so you will feel an obligation to your bank balance to get out there and get value for your money.

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@truecomedian You left off “moldy” either way take a long Silkwood style shower and pray for forgiveness.

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Masturbate more often.

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Having people (friends) around you who are motivated helps.

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Starting a regiment isn’t easy. You have find a group of like-minded people who want to train together. However, if you do form a regiment, then you are beholden to them, and it is hard to get out of practice because everyone else will think you are a traitor.

So I think that is a great idea: forming an exercise regiment.

Or did you mean regimen?

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This is going to be really hard for you to actualy HEAR and act upon, but the only time you can “chage your evil ways” is if you truly WANT to. If you don’t want to, nothing I can say to you, or do for you is going to help. You CAN change, but you gotta realllllly want to!

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Yea, I’ve found @CaptainHarley‘s concept to be true. But I would add that the feeling of not wanting something doesn’t mean that it’s hopeless, it just means that it has been hopeless so far. Your wants are pliable across time. You, being the past version of yourself, can coerce the present version of yourself into wanting something you didn’t have the opportunity to want earlier.

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somehow you are closer to the truth, I want to, but I fear it’s not enough. I have a great body, I’m tall, average looking, still self destructive though, I sound like a broken record, all I can talk about is the things I should keep hushed, I will try to run tomorrow, promise.

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There are no secrets to good health and fitness. The information is there for all to see. All we need to make it happen is bold determination and blind defiance.

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To quote a well-known fictional character: “There is no ‘try.’ Do or do not.” : )

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