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Doesn't it seem right, after all, that the Clinton's stayed together?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) August 10th, 2010

Watching that family be able to marry off their daughter, have a life together, I think that Hillary was right to stay with Bill. What do you think?

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I suppose. I think it’s more political than family, though.

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It was a big trade-off. I think they even love each other. But to have swallowed (sorry) all of those years of infidelity is more than I could have done.

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It’s not really up to me to say if it’s right or wrong. I’m glad it’s working for them. I do not wish them any ill.

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Bendy nob & scary face, awww they were made for each other.

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I think I have no idea what-so-ever what they do and talk about behind closed doors. I just have to assume she’s a smart woman who made the best decision for herself and her family. Even prior to Bill’s philandering, who the hell knows what kind of arrangement or understanding they had.
They seem happy. Good for them.

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What business is it of anyone else’s?

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Amazing what people can “accomplish” when power and money is involved.

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I think Hilary has the patience of a saint. I liked Clinton as a president, but as a husband, I think he’s a pr***. I am glad they’ve stayed together though. I guess they really do love each other enough after all.

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@janbb: Of course, it is no one’s business but theirs. Yet, they are a very public couple. In that so many were so critical of Hillary staying with Bill through everything, here’s the other side Hillary saved their marriage and now she gets to enjoy an intact family for her daughter’s wedding, and have a life with her husband, maybe for the rest of their lives. Kind of an interesting alternative to the rush to divorce everyone was counseling.

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I admire couples that fight for their marriage and don’t rush to divorce just because their spouse did something to upset them. Everyone makes mistakes. I know, Bill made some huge mistakes, but Hillary could be hiding some pantsuits somewhere with stains on them. We’ll never know. ;)

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Do you people actually believe that they are together (still) because love conquers all?

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@ChazMaz They both have a passion for politics. You never know.

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Yep, passion for politics. Pretty much says it all.

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@ChazMaz—We will never really know anything for sure. But I have been listening to Bill Clinton read his autobiography recently, and it sure sounds like his marriage and family are—and always have been—very important to him.

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I do feel glad that Hillary decided to ride it out. Mr. Clinton certainly has many foibles (maybe an understatement), that present a huge challenge for the relationship, and it is good to see that they stuck it out. While it is not our business to comment on their personal affairs (pun intended), it is also not our business to comment on their reasons for sticking together. Personally I prefer to just look at the lovely (if frumpy) photos from their daughter’s wedding celebration and be pleased they are still hanging in there.

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I think it’s none of my damn business about their relationship. I have enough going on in my own life that I don’t feel the need to specualte about the lives of others.

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Not that it’s any of my business anyway, but having mistresses is very common in some circles, and probably takes a burden off the wife.

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Here’s what I think. Every marriage has its own unique dynamics, good and bad, that no one on the outside has the knowledge, even the right, to understand and judge. Somehow, the Clintons have stayed together. Maybe it’s for love, maybe it’s for show, but whatever, maybe they’ll stay married forever or divorce one of these days, but whatever, it’s their business.

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Only Hillary can truly answer this question, but one never knows…..their marriage may be even stronger following the disclosure of Bill’s infidelty (or whatever the hell he called it….we just know it was not “sex”).
And look what we, “the public”, got from it. With Kennedy, it was rumors and speculation. With Bill, it was juicy details. And when “we” broached the subject with others, wasn’t the reaction more often a sly smile and a “who cares” if not a mention of disappointment rather than an outburst of shock and outrage (well, unless of course you were a Republican, in which case you would put on your straight face and play it up for all you could).
And no amount of money could possibly buy the amount of publicity the whole affair garnered…..and with relatively minor negative impact, I might add.
As for me? I’m off to enjoy a cigar. Peace and out. See ya…....Gary/wtf

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There were many reasons to stay together in their case, their political careers being a large reason. I think that their daughter’s wedding would have been lovely either way. Regardless of how their conduct their marital life, both seemed to be good parents.

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