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How can I get pictures from my phone to my computer?

Asked by skfinkel (13478points) August 10th, 2010

I can send them to another phone, but how can I send them to an email address? I know this must be simple, but the phone doesn’t let me just enter an email address. Thanks in advance!

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What make/model phone do you have?

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I was going to say to send it as a text message to an email address, but if yours doesn’t let you do that, then it’s not an option.

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Email might still be an option. If the contacts thingy has a spot for an email address you may be able to make a contact and give it an email address then address the text message to the contact name.

I usually use Bluetooth.

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The phone is a motorola—1.3 mp.
It’s a great little phone, and I can text and all—but how to do it to an email address.

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I think I was just able to do it! I needed to get some other symbols on there. Thanks all!

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