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Where can I find good quality images of different types of foods?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) August 10th, 2010

I’m looking for images of different types of foods that I can use for a business project. Are there good sources for images online? Do I have to pay a fee if I want to use an image of a commercial product, like a McDonalds hamburger?

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Good stock photography at cheap prices ($1—$10). Lots of food.

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I always use either: stock.xchng ( or morgueFile ( The images are free to use. :)

Also, if the image is copyrighted like the McD’s hamburger… yes, you need permission and you probably can’t afford it.

silverfly's avatar is cheaper than iStock and occasionally offers free photos. They’re better quality than SXC too.

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@moxiegal What if I take the picture of the McDonald’s hamburger myself? Do I still need to license it?

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@pallen123 I honestly wouldn’t risk it. If you were licensed to sell McD’s hamburgers then sure. But if this is going out to the public on any sort of advertising for your company, then I would find a generic photo of a hamburger.

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@MoxieGal It’s going in a booklet about food and nutrition.

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@pallen123 Ah, well… then if you were to reference the source of the photo and give McD’s credit that should be fine. You might check out McD’s corporate website to see if they have any stock photos of their burgers, or look online for a photo. Just make sure you give credit. Most times if it’s for educational purposes and not just to hype your product you should be fine.


How about a cookbook. Say like Taste of Home. There are super beautiful photos of food in them.

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I second the cook book idea. Trust me. A cook book’s JOB is to make the food look appealing.

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