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The most evil woman in movies/tv is/was?

Asked by ucme (50034points) August 10th, 2010

Yeah i’m not talking about an actress here more a character. The most spine chilling scary evil or just plain superbitch of an individual. For me it’s a toss between the “bunny boiler” in Fatal Attraction or the spawn of satan that was the sister played by Bette Davis in “Baby Jane.” So, who’s it gonna be?

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If this were TV I’d say Captain Janeway. Movie-wise, I dunno.

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Betty Davis! Wrote that before I saw your answer..scout’s honor @ucme !

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Annie from “Misery” is the first one that comes to my mind.

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Yeah, gotta go with Baby Jane/ Bette Davis on this.

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Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct.

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The evil queen from Snow White.
@BoBo-Bette Davis wasn’t so evil…she was just misunderstood;)

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@mrentropy Now there’s a thought…thanks for the tip!!

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no wire HANGERS EVER!!!

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@lucillelucillelucille she is mean as a “junk yard dog” with fleas!

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Cruella Deville She wanted to make a coat out of puppies. PUPPIES!

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What cookieman said.

But, man, Joan Crawford was a looker back in the day.

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@BoBo1946 “Scouts honour” I now have a mental image of you in a pair of tight shorts, playing with your toggle, whilst standing over a camp fire roasting your nuts XD

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@ucme lmao….........

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@ucme Why does it have to be a woman? Why not a man, like; Lex Luther or that dis-embodied voice that sent the Angels on all those dangerous missions?

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@Trillian I already did that one to death a while back. Thought the girls deserved their place in the sun. After all, so many wonderful iconic performances deserve a mention.

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@Trillian Lex was Saint compared to Bette Davis…loll.. just kidding! You make a very good point.

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@downtide Very, very good call!!

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Rebecca De Mornay in The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.

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@Minute_And_A_Huff She was a “bit of a c**t” It’s Ratched by the way…...god I can’t believe i’m correcting someone’s spelling, that it should come to this!!! ;¬}

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@ucme Oh,ok, In that case it would have to be Heather from General Hospital, 35 years ago.

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Joan Collins in Dynasty playing Alexis Carrington.

But, she did a great spread in Playboy.

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@ucme Really? Whoops. I had no idea.

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@Minute_And_A_Huff Yeah, easily done though. Good choice by the way.She loved her job a little too much :¬)

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Peyton, the psycho nanny in Hand That Rocks the Cradle.

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Ellen Berent Harland, the character played by Gene Tierney in 1945’s “Leave Her to Heaven”.

Tierney was nominated for an Oscar for playing a woman — spoiler scrambled by ROT-13 — fb pbafhzrq ol wrnybhfl gung fur pnhfrq ure bja zvfpneevntr, qebjarq ure xvq oebgure-va-ynj, gura xvyyrq urefrys juvyr senzvat ure uhfonaq naq fvfgre sbe zheqre. In 2010, that seems pretty tame, but by 1945 standards, it was over the top.

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That lady from “Sunset Boulevard” Gloria Swanson.

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Naaah, Gloria Swanson wasn’t evil—she was just afraid to be old and lonely.

I vote for Sarah Palin. She’s evil because she’s (pardon me, Palin lovers) so dumb!

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Cathy Bates in Misery is pure evil and is oh so wrong what she does to James Caan.

But for pure evil… Madison Lee gets my vote for the one I want to kick my ass!! WOOF!

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Some of these i’m just going to have to take your word for because they’re going way over my head. I mean, Heather…..Ellen????? :¬)

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Misery’s Kathy Bates.

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Are you kidding me, she was the epitome of evil. Like a black widow spider, or Sarah Palin? Evil, why, what’d she do?

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Eve Harrington from All About Eve. Now she was a scheming, conniving bitch if there ever was one.

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@lucillelucillelucille a given, she one of the greatest of all-time! Love to watch her act.

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@truecomedian, I’ve seen “Sunset” many times over the years, first as a young man, and later when I was older in real life than she was in the movie. And I think I grew to know that woman. At first she frightened me; later, I judged her to be sad, not scary or bad. Yes, she was self-centered and manipulative, but that was because she had once been famous and was now growing old. She was also slowly going mad in her solitude. One can do bad things because of fears, insecurities and character flaws but that does not necessaily make him/her evil. Anyway, let’s agree to disagree. (By the way, I think the Holden character was worse; he purposely took advantage of the situation and wound up getting killed for it.)

Hey—any of you older movie lovers want to chime in?

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Catharine Peterson (actress Theresa Russell) in Black Widow. That character was just out for the conquest and the money.

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Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest.WOW like WOW..

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Xenia Onatopp, Golden Eye
Madison Lee Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
The White Queen The Chronicles of Narnia
Bellatrix La Strange Harry Potter

But by far, the most horrifying monster is Hattie Dorsett, the extremely abusive mother of Sybil.

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Rhoda Penmark (Patty McCormack) in “The Bad Seed”. It is an older movie, it came out in 1956 I think but she played a very good part, even by today’s standards even though the movie itself was not violent.

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You really think it’s possible to not be what we do, or did? “Insecurities” can cancel out actual evil actions. Yes I’m sure we can disagree on that.

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Pamela Voorhees- Friday the 13th

Kill her, Mommy! Kill her!

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Cruella de Vil. o.o

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The Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz
Nurse Rached from Cookoos Nest
Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Kate Capshaw as Willie Scott in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (sorry, that was supposed to be on the Most Annoying list)

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Nanny McPhee, making child abuse magical.

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Summer (played by Zooey Deschanel) in the film (500) Days of Summer.

Well, maybe more “damaged” than evil, but she does some fucked up stuff in that movie.

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@filmfann You must read “Wicked”. It will change your outlook on The Wicked Witch of the West.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Wasn’t “Black Widow” based on a true story? Rhoda on “The Bad Seed” was an evil little girl who murdered other people to get what she wanted. She would of have made the “perfect” daughter for Catharine Peterson. I wonder who would of killed the other first?

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The housekeeper in Rebecca

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@Jabe73 Gracious! I hope not!

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@papasan You got lurve from me for that, but really, her problem is stupid, not evil.

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