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At 32 and mildly retarded, what are my chances of going to a University, joining a frat, and getting married and having kids?

Asked by truecomedian (3932points) August 10th, 2010

Did I miss my window of opportunity?

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It is never too late to go to school. I don’t know about joining a fraternity, but I don’t see why not if that is something you especially want to do.

Once you finish school, you can contemplate marriage and a family.

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It’s never too late to do much of anything and your metal handicap as you refer to it should not affect your ability to join a frat, get married or have kids. University though may be a stretch unless you have the cash and a fab GPA to back you up.

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I think you’re good to go, aside from the frat thing.
I was never in the Greek system in college, but I think there are age limits. Maybe someone can correct me on that?

also, what @wundayatta said down there.

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Is this for real? Or a joke?

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Fair to middling say I.

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32 to 1.

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No problem! You can even go to grad school!

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You can do all of it! And when you do, document it!

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I’d recommend staying away from frats regardless of your age or mental capabilities.

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That joke writes itseld, @Ivan.

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Nix the frat!!

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There is no such thing as a window of opportunity. The only guide is when desire and opportunity coincide, then go for it. It can happen at any age.

About joining a fraternity, I would do a lot of research before going that route. You need to decide if a rich-boy party frat is for you, or the more community minded, networking type of organization.

As for getting married and having kids, again, desire and opportunity can come together when you least expect it, or never. Don’t be too concerned about the details, but rather enjoy your life, and when/if the time comes make sure you have a lot to share with a partner.

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No problem at all with a decent GPA! And you’re so young. I went back the 5th time @ 42. I took statistics but couldn’t figure it out!
Far as a fraternity I thought you had to be invited? You do not need a fraternity to meet someone and get married! Go for it; you’ll love being in school again.

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I really have nothing to say, but good luck. Frats aren’t even worth the time and effort you’re putting into it just by thinking about it. University is a serious get rid of the frat part and every thing else seems fine and doable.

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I don’t know your age, but you can certainly take college classes, date, and marry. The fraternity thing wouldn’t be much fun for you if you are much older than 25.

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This has GOT to be a joke!

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Yeah but is it even funny?
I’m not really a comedian, it’s just a name

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Wittle bit!

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Bad news, dude. I looked up the statistics in the farmer’s almanac. The chances that a 32 year-old, mildly retarded guy can manage to go to a University, join a frat, get married and have kids are about the same as those of finding the Hope Diamond stuck in the toe of a pair of loafers you are trying on in a Payless Shoe Store. I don’t mean to dash your hopes, but you gotta be realistic. Sure, go for your dreams, but you gotta pay the rent, too.

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@wundayatta The Farmer’s Almanac??? ROFL!!! My Almanac says it’s going to be 100+ tomorrow…and it’s never wrong!

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@Dutchess_III It could have been the Statistical Abstract. My memory is not what it once was. But whatever it was, it was right there in the chapter about the mental capabilities of frat boys. Oops. Maybe I was looking at the wrong line! Actually, if he is only mildly retarded, be might be a bit over-qualified for frat membership.

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Take it one step at a time. The easiest to achieve of the goals listed is having children. Start with that.

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@wundayatta Thanks now I feel like an even bigger fat sack of crap
@Dutchess_III Bummer it’s what I would really want and it ain’t going to happen due to certain difficulties
@ratboy that made me laugh, I needed to laugh, thank you dude

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Ratboy always makes me laugh.

@truecomedian Is this a for real question? I don’t know you well enough – but I’d be inclined to guess that one could not ask this question, and write the way you’ve been writing – and be considered even mildly retarded. I could be wrong, so I’m being careful and trying to be sensitive.

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@truecomedian Oh. Are you already a member of a fraternity? The fraternity of open-mic habitu├ęs?

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32 year olds do NOT become frat members!!!

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@Dutchess_III I could find no mention of any age restrictions for fraternities. The ones I could find online specifically stated “no age restriction”.

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@YARNLADY In theory yeah! But what self respecting 19, 20 year old would want to hang out with a 32 year old trying to relive his “glory days” in college and HS?? Unless…wait. I got it. It’s the Kappa Kappa Nuts Fraternity.

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I’m in College (again) and I’m sure I would join a frat – if they existed here. Then again, it looks more like TV’s Community and I’m not even one of the older ones.

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What are frats like these days? A bunch of people drinking beers playing playstation?

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@ChazMaz From my reading on the internet, they are much more oriented toward community service and future job networking than the party frats of the past.

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See I don’t know the quality of my writing, thanks for the, compliment, right?
And yes and no, this question is for real, but I’ve kinda already have given up on the idea, I’ve realized that window of oppurtunity has been shut for awhile now. In other words, It would be optimal but it ain’t happening. As for kids, got one of those, that’s why @ratboy response was so funny to me.

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