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Emigration to New Zealand?

Asked by selcouthstranger (101points) August 10th, 2010

Has anyone here or someone you know ever emigrated successfully to New Zealand as part of their under-30 working visa program? If so, what did you end up doing and how did you do it? How did you/they enjoy it? I’ve read the resources through Google, etc. but am wondering if anyone has any first or second-hand experience doing this. Thanks.

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try to google it i really wouldnt be able to tell you

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@zero30 Dude, that is not helpful at all. You need to read about how Fluther works.

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I emigrated to New Zealand in 2007 with my hubby and 10 year old daughter…lasted 12months and came back. HOWEVER I LOVED the time I spent there and if you aren’t mega close to your family or you are strong enough to cope on your own then no problems what so ever!

We lived about 20mins North of Auckland in a place called Silverdale (near Red Beach and Orewa) We lived in a new suburb called totora views, which I know has expanded considerably in a short period of time, new shops and houses etc… It is quite up and coming. If you want more beach side living try Whangaporoa Older style houses but you get more for your money. Speaking of which if you are from down South you will probably find your money goes further if you are from up north spending is pretty much like for like, you proably get a little bit more for your money.

The South Island is more picturesque in terms of where houses are situated etc… I would try to fly over there get some internal flights whilst over there do a bit of travelling round and see where you like best, renting is a better option so you can decide where you want to settle we bought straight away, which helped in the sense we knew we had our own home, but didn’t when it came to returning home.
Go to the library get out as many books as you can and get researching on the net more. But I would say the only way of finding out is by doing it… we don’t regret having a go adn certainly enjoyed the time we had there, a fabulous experience and a great opportunity for our daughter. GOOD LUCK

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