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Have you ever forgotten how old you really are, and found yourself face down on the ground, doing something you did when you were young?

Asked by RANGIEBABY (2097points) August 10th, 2010

Like jumping down a 10” ledge of sand created by the level of the lake dropping. Your head said jump, but your feet did not get the message and you found yourself face down with your feet still where they were?

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I’ve never had this happen. I still do those types of things though, so maybe it’ll happen when I get older.

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No. I am painfully aware of my age.

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Well…..I figured out a while back that my body isn’t going to just take over and save me anymore when my brain says “Do something stupid!” I miss my body! But it still works for the important things, pretty much.

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Yes. Sledding this past winter almost killed me. My sister-in-law’s house has a very steep hill in the back yard, and at the bottom of the hill are woods. I thought I could manage it just fine, thank you very much, since when I was a kid our sledding hill had a pond at the bottom, ringed with boulders. If I survived that, surely I could survive sledding toward some big trees!

Well, apparently I’d forgotten how to stop myself or throw myself off the sled in time. I was very lucky to only whack into a stump with my hip and not hit an actual tree. I had a huge bruise and scared the crap out of my husband. After that I was much more careful! A few weeks later, my sister-in-law wasn’t so lucky. She didn’t slow down or jump off the sled quickly enough, hit a tree, and ended up with 11 staples in her head.

This winter they are going to set up hay bales at the bottom of the hill so we have no more casualties.

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@MissAusten LOL! That reminds me of the time I learned not to use bricks to hold down the corners of a home-made slip-n-slide! Gallon milk jugs of water are more better for da head!

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Read the question wrong.

Yep, that would be traveling across the monkey bars. It’s tougher when you’re older..

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I once had to show my three (then teen) grandsons that you never forget how to ride a bike. They thought it was hilarious to see grandma riding a bike down to the corner and back.

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@jjmah Jumping on a “moon walk” when you weigh more than 100 pounds. It don’t work like it used to! But that has nothing to do with being old….

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I certainly have and don’t plan on stopping.
I most recently fell in the river ;)

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Yes—I threw a tantrum.


I turn around and lost my balance, and fell right out of our 5th wheel, not once, not twice, but 3 times.
I tried to play tag football with my kids, got my hand caught in a girls hooded sweatshirt, it threw me through the air and I broke my collar bone. Many things, but I just keep going, unless I break something.

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I do it all the time but I usually still land on my feet. I ride my bike off road and can’t resist a jump. What fun is life if you have to be a spectator. I hope I never stop participating.

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I nearly killed myself the other day trying a gainer. The diving board clipped my ear. Another inch or two to the wrong side, and we could have been talking a serious concussion, if not worse.


@wundayatta I don’t know your age, but be very careful on diving boards. I knew a young man that missed his timing and smacked his nose on the end of the board. Flattened his nose so badly, they could not rebuild it correctly.

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Going off the diving board recently, my kids didn’t believe I used to and still could do a 1½ front flip…So off I went…big approach….Jumped straight up…great form….launched perfectly into a nice tight tuck….only problem was I completely had lost my timing and opened into a perfect belly flop. Kids loved it though!

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@Cruiser It is funny how that happens. Last year, no problem, and this year—like being a different person. I’m trying to get my boy to do a one and a half. He has plenty of height and rotation, but he always straightens out. He’s afraid to go for more. Doesn’t like belly flops.

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Sure—I would think everyone with a five-year-old grandchild has.

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At 66, I still refuse to go quietly into the night. Last winter on a particularly mild day I was feeling chipper and heading on foot toward the Downtown section of Boston from the North End. While crossing Faneuil Hall’s lot, I came to a restaurant courtyard fenced off with a chain. Rather than cut around I tried to jump it, but I miscalculated and ended up face first on the bricks. Nothing broken but my pride, fortunately.

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Simulating sex with the vacuum cleaner!!! It’s best when i’m on top ;¬}

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So tell me, @ucme, does the vacuum want a cigarette, after?

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@wundayatta Course not silly…....just a self satisfied grin & it’s back in the closet. Disposable lover, easy come easy go.

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@wundayatta & @ucme When the vacuum starts smoking afterward, you know you’ve been spending way too much time with it.

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@ETpro Well i’m a considerate lover so i may get it repaired, shmoking!!!.......I’m actually stringing this shit out, unbelievable!!

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Not particularly. I don’t mind my age, if i feel like doind something i do it. :) Except playing Barbie….it was me and my sister’s favourite toys, we had all these cute Barbie things and had so much fun with them. I miss that, hehe.

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Once, we had a vacuum cleaner that lost it’s belt.

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@wundayatta Once I had a vacuum cleaner that stubbornly refused to suck. I threw it away. :-)

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@ETpro I’m sure that is a lesson for all suckless vacuum cleaners.

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@NaturallyMe Um. You’re only 30.

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