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Have you ever tried reflexology and did it work for you?

Asked by Pandora (29495points) August 10th, 2010

I like learning about, and trying out alternative medicines and I wonder has anyone on fluther tried it and did it work for what ailed you?

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Like the vast majority of “alternative” medicines, it’s a crock.

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I tried to do it myself for a tummy ache. It didn’t help my stomach, but it did make my foot feel better, and took my mind off my tummy for a couple minutes.

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Nothing to it, if my Health Sci profs are to be believed.

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@Nullo, Isn’t it almost the same practice of accupressure?
@papayalily LOL, Hey you got something out of it. (funny)
@MrItty Thanks

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I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist and we went over a little bit of reflexology in school. Basically it just feels good. Perhaps for some people they just need to believe that it’s working and that’s enough. Otherwise, I just don’t see much to it. Shiatsu on the other hand is pretty freakin’ awesome.

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I had it done once. I didn’t have anything wrong at the time when it was done, so it wasn’t meant to fix anything. Afterwards, I did feel really good. Whether that was actually from the reflexology stuff or just the relaxation of the moment, I couldn’t tell you. I’d do it again though in the future.

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@Pandora AFAIK, the basic concept treats the extremities as control panels for the rest of the body, such that directing pressure at a part of the foot is supposed to be beneficial for a particular organ, or joint, or what have you. Acupressure has in its favor the tendency to loosen up muscles (even if it does not regulate qi flows), thereby actually fixing the odd problem. But the foot is a much smaller, less muscular region.

The idea is not wholly without merit; for example, when your feet are too cold, or too hot, or otherwise uncomfortable, they devour your attention.

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