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Where to buy cheap accessories and furniture for your home/apt?

Asked by jm5225 (253points) August 10th, 2010

I was just wondering if you guys know any websites that sell cheap furniture/decor for apartments and homes. Even if it is the put together furniture I am interested in taking a look. I am tired of the local Walmart/Target/Ikea and just looking for some other options.

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If you want to go retail I would suggest IKEA.

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You can even get stuff free on Ctaigslist. Try yard sales and thrift stores and look at notices tacked up at school, at hangouts, in your apartment building, etc.
You are betting your eye for quality at the price against the seller’s and you can score some amazing deals. When in college I bought a 1930s period brass bed for $25 a 1940s clip-on bedlamp for it for $1 and a small early 20th century desk with rope-turned legs for $15. I picked up an amber necklace for 50 cents. If you can recognize the good stuff you can really score.

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I would suggest looking at used genuine wooden pieces.They can be cleaned and sanitized and refinished if necessary. What you end up with is real furniture rather than the “put together” stuff. I would not recommend buying used upholstered furniture or bedding; you can never really get them sanitized. For those pieces, save up and buy one thing at a time. That’s my advice; I can’t bring myself to advise you to buy that engineered laminate stuff that is not cheap and is disposable after a short time.

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Aside from websites, Goodwill, estate and garage sales are all great sources for what you seek.

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Goodwill or any donation origination.

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I second ikea

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@perspicacious upholstered pieces from salvation army, and maybe goodwill also, usually have been reupholstered. Training people to do that is part of the salvation army mission. Check before you buy.

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@anartist—I know that, but what’s underneath the upholstery is the concern. Pets pee on furniture and everything else. I just wouldn’t even consider it.

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Gordmans! Best Store Ever!

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I agree with many of the people prior that mentioned garages sales, thrift stores, estate auctions, etc. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

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