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Did this man show the correct responses?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 10th, 2010

I was given a call to investigate some missing furniture out of this mans house. He tells me, that while he is at work, his wife has some “friends” come to his house. While talking to this man, I noticed many books on the shelves dealing with witchcraft. He states his wife reads these books. I made a police report and left. Two weeks later, I am called back to this same house. This time, it’s to report a burglary. All of his household contents have been taken. His wife is my immediate suspect. Man states he thinks his wife is on cocaine. Later, it is learned that his wife had cocaine delivered to her mailbox and she owed the drug dealer a lot of money. Question: what is your opinion of this man? Could he really have been that ignorant of his wife’s cocaine habit?

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I don’t get the mention of the witchcraft books. And clearly people can be ignorant of many things.

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Apparently, his wife was having her “friends” over for the study of witchery. cocaine just added fuel to the fire.

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@john65pennington Um…yeah because that’s what goes on during witchcraft gatherings: cocaine and fire.

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I really could not understand how this man did not have knowledge of the actions of his wife. they live together in the same house and shared the same bed. i think he knew, but just looked the other way. unbelievable.

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@john65pennington Okay, so what is your question?

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How stupid was this man?

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@john65pennington I see. Well I guess you thought he was pretty stupid…which does not a fluther question make, does it?

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John…Witchcraft and cocaine don’t mix. Not if you are a true Wiccan.

She does have a drug problem. Her husband is in denial. It happens all the time. A lot of people do not want to acknowledge what is happening. He is probably being manipulated by his wife…if he has a history of childhood abuse or any abuse issues, it is probably easy for her to do this. (And it has nothing to do with the witchy books…it has to do with just being emotionally manipulative which she apparently is.)

I don’t think he is stupid…he is naive and gullible and probably a bit frightened and overwhelmed.

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@john65pennington I’m surprised, with your background, that this one perplexes you.

Is there an end to this story? What exactly are
you looking for in answers?

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I wouldn’t say that he’s stupid, just inattentive.
@DarlingRhadamanthus I’ve heard it said that substance abuse and the occult go well together. Perhaps not Wicca, but there’s more to the occult than that.

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Actually, i just wanted different opinions as to why this man did not acknowledge his wifes addiction and why he stayed married to her. this was the talk of the century in my department for 30 days. just wondering what your opinions are and your thoughts.

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@john65pennington Denial, then. Some people are really good at it.

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I’d say he was in the third quartile of stupidity.

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