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My dog died in March but I just cant stop crying. He was everything to me, everything reminds me of him. What do I do?

Asked by lexi2674 (7points) August 10th, 2010

We got him when I was 2. He was a rescue, his family left him in the home and someone said there was a dog barking in there. Then we got him. He hated me at first, he peed on my toys. But when I got older we were best friends. Every day when I got home he would be there and we would go up to my room and he would lay on my bed. I loved Parker more than anyone in the world. But I have 2 more dogs, Jack and Luna Bell. Still, they could never take Parker's place, ever. Plus, my sister says that I need to get over it but I never ever will. He had 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye. He had blonde hair with a white diamond on his forehead. He was 100 pounds. A husky, sharpay mix. And he was 16 years old, my best friend gone. He couldn't get any air in him, his tongue and gums were black, it was hard to look at him without crying. I have no one that understands my pain.

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Time is your answer

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I’ve been there and its like losing a family or friend and only time can heal your pain. Another thing is don’t rush to look for another dog it can be a huge mistake. Just take it day by day and you’ll get through it.

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Sorry about your dog.

There are plenty of people who understand your pain. Bart met a horrible death falling eight stories down an elevator shaft. I thought he’d disappeared and accused everyone of stealing him. Construction workers found him in the basement one month later. What a mess to clean up my rotting best friend after a month of decay in the August summer heat.

I cried for months.

You’ll get over it. What was your dogs name?

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I’m sorry for your loss. I went through the very same thing when I was younger. I had a dog that I grew up with and he died when he was 16 years old. I cried my eyes out for that dog. But I have to tell you, it’ll get better. Time heals all wounds. Just keep all the good memories and your dog will be with you always. I still dream with my old dog every now and then and it’s been more then 10 years since he died. You’ll have other dogs in the future and you’ll love them too. Believe me, I have another dog now that is my everything, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about my first dog. Just take all the time you need to grieve you dog. You’ll be fine once you get use to not having him around.

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I’m so sorry. I just lost my dog sunday…...I hope it gets better. for both of us.

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These websites helped me a lot when I lost my favorite cat due to a clot/stroke. It was so sudden and I had no idea what was going on. Rushed her to the Vet in 20 mins. never expecting to hear that there was nothing to be done. Totally shocked. I spent a lot of time at those sites.

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Grieving takes however much time it takes.

What you’re going through is normal. Don’t allow anyone to diminish your loss by saying “it was just a dog”.

There is no “just”. This dog was your faithful companion with unconditional love. Ignore anyone attempting to diminish the significance of this loss for you.

If you’re feeling really overwhelmed, some localities have groups for people dealing with the grief of losing their pet. Usually can be found if there’s a Vet hospital or Vet school anywhere around. Or ask a Vet.

Some people will advise you to wait a long time before getting another dog. Others will point to how many dogs are waiting in shelters with their time running out.

Do what your HEART tells you and ignore the rest. No other dog will ever take the place of the one who died. Getting another is not disloyal if it helps heal your heart watching the antics of a different dog enjoying the love and freedom of a release from a shelter cage.

Everybody feels different about the timing of another pet. Do whatever feels right for you.

When my 19 yr. old cat died from a fast fast growing inoperable tumor under her tongue, I adopted a cat not that long after. The house just seemed so empty. Velvet had been with me for 18 yrs. And was irreplaceable.

But Smoochie is a totally different cat and it was perfect timing. Follow your own instincts.

Feel free to PM me anytime.

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I think that you might try getting another dog.

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Wow, um, where to begin.

My dog, Athena, died March 27th, 2010, she was my childhood pet, I got her when I was 8 on October 4th, 1994. She was just a few months shy of 16. I loved her more than anything. When I was getting beaten up, I had my dog, when I was scared, crying, whatever was wrong she was there. I know exactly how you feel. I’m going through the same thing. Other people know how you feel, I’m just on the same timeline.

Listen to @Buttonstc, that’s good advice.

I chose ultimately to get a kitten – Sweet Dee – about three months after her death. She is currently trying to eat my feet as I type. She’s not diminished my love for Athena, but she has given me an outlet for the pain of losing her and has calmed me considerably. I did read a lot of articles online gving advice on what not to do when getting a new pet after one has passed. Initially I wanted to run out and buy another little girl Maltese that could make everything like it was. But I knew that was a bad idea. I was just desperate to have her back.

The articles were right though, switching species, or choosing a different gender and a different color are the way to go, otherwise you just resent the new pet for failing to be your old one.

But that’s just advice for getting a new pet. You have two other wonderful pets right now that you can hold and pet and can cuddle when you need to cry it out. Give it time, consider your options, and don’t try to push it out of your mind. Let your emotions happen, bottling it up will do you no good.

For the size of your dog, he had an excellent long and I’m sure full life. Think of the good times, cuddle the pets you have, and tell your sister to go screw herself. Or don’t, but still. Everyone experiences loss in their life to something they’re greatly attached too. She might not ‘get it’ yet. It’s not her fault, but it doesn’t stop it from being insensitive, try to ignore her comments.

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That is wonderful how your earned his love and trust. He was a lucky dog.

How old was he when you got him?
It takes a special person to gain the trust of an adult dog. :)
How long was it before you and he became friends?

I can only tell you that in my case my beloved dogs have always remained in my heart.
Time lessens the pain a little.

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What are your mourning rituals?

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