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Been on an adventure?

Asked by zenele (8252points) August 10th, 2010

Like this Brit who walked the amazon for three years?

Or a smaller adventure?

Or an emotional adventure?

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Been on an emotional adventure, but that’s a story for another time, Captain.

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No, I think it’s been more like a soap opera.

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It’s been my dream to go on a big adventure, which hopefully I’ll get to experience when I go on a boat trip to Antarctica with my grandfather when I graduate college. I really want to go on an actual safari too.

I’ve been on several small, more tame adventures recently.

Not too long ago, I was stalked by a pack of coyotes on a mountaintop who had already carried off part of my food with nothing but a dying fire and a rifle

More recently, I made a makeshift water filter and filtered waterfall water for my friends after a 6 mile uphill hike that everyone forgot to bring water on.

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I’ve been on certain trips that I would call “adventures”. One because it was very impromptu. Kind of came out of nowhere; “let’s just go on a road trip and see what happens”. Those four days were quite the adventure.

Also, going to Kenya when I was 14 was an adventure. I’d never been to a place so different and so exotic.

My most recent trip, to Morocco and the Mediterranean was bordering on being considered an “adventure”, again because of the exotic locations.

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Yes, at least it was to me. When I was a road warrior and used to inspect hotels, I checked into a hotel in Kentucky in a relatively remote town. Tired of dining on fast food, I asked the desk staff if there was a restaurant they recommended. They sent me to to a B&B on the main street, which was about 4 blocks in length. The food wonderful and the ambiance was charming.

On my way out, I stopped to tell the man at the host station how much I enjoyed it. We got to chatting. It turns out that he was the owner, and he offered to give me a tour of the place. What he had done was incredible. He wasn’t finished, but what he was doing was a labor of love in restoring the building and furnishing it to the style of its original time.

He then offered to take me across the street to an abandoned house he had recently purchased that used to be part of The Underground Railroad. I accepted.

Being female in a remote location, I later realized that it was a stupid risk. It just seemed like an opportunity to experience a part of U.S. history that was too good to pass up. My instincts about the man and the experience were right on the money.

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I went to South America a few weeks ago, but that was more of a guided tour than an adventure. We had no guides in Lima though, and Lima traffic in itself is an adventure.

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Would you call a two weeks car trip through the western states, including Yellowstone Nation Park with three teenage boys and a dog an adventure? We really enjoyed it.

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I lived in the middle of Kakadu with the aboriginal people for almost 6 years, does that count? It sure felt like an adventure practically every minute of the time.

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I went canoeing down the Wisconsin river for two days . Does that count? That was when I was young lady. I would love to do it again one time. It was so much fun.

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@Frenchfry Any time you are forced to pee outdoors constitutes an adventure in my little world.

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Yes. I once had to go to Tijuana on a business trip. That place is no picnic.

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@bob_ So, Tijuana go again I imagine.

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I have been on a few of them and a bit of a one right now….nothing like a 3 month excursion to the Amazon unless raising kids count and I’d consider that much more challenging and hazardous than the Amazon any day!

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Only in my imagination!

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@zenele Only if they treble my salary.

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I recently took a trip with uber my SO and two other lovely flutherites, to the catskill mountains to show off our survival skills. It was a very nice trip and we got to see all sorts of wildlife. Including: 4ft long timber rattle snake, falcon, black bear cub, salamander, orange toad, mouse, heard what we believe to be wild foxes, very beautiful butterflies, some fish, and I believe that is all.

I would really love to go to the jungle though. Hopefully my junior year in college I will be going to Belize, and studying in the rain forest. I am an environmental studies major with a focus on wildlife conservation.

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I’ve spent six months at the South Pole in Antarctic winter, I’ve driven the Khyber Pass and freefall parachuted from 30,000 ft. The next adventure will be the best; a canoe camping trip in Quebec with my fiance.

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No exotic vacations here, but this summer my boyfriend and I spent 5 weeks driving around the southwestern US only using back roads and going wherever we felt like. It was scary at some points! Nearest gas: 111 miles. We came across so many ghost towns podunk towns in the middle of nowhere and a restaurant in the middle of the desert with no towns in a 50 mile radius? It’s fuckin amazing to me that people live like that. It seems so lonely. Anyhow, that was awesome.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Well if that all it takes peeing outdoors.Well I have been through oodles of adventures. LOL

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@deni – that sounds like here (Australia) only it happens anytime you get more than about 200k in from the coast. I grew up in the mid Atlantic section of the USA, I couldn’t believe the distances between towns. Both of our cars are set up to go about a thousand kilometers (about 600 miles) between fill ups and we have often gone that far and had to stop and use the auxiliary petrol cans we carry. Stuff like that is really an adventure for city slickers like me.

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Skipping all the metaphorical bullshit which I might apply to hard times in my life or whenever I went through something exceptional which my mind will remember but where my Indiana Jones muscles remained pretty much dormant, I did walk across the entirety of Winnipeg in one day. (And most of the night.) Saw two wolves, almost died of thirst, and the bus driver didn’t want to let me on cuz I had no fare.
While it seems as mundane to many, getting back home was like getting out of a dungeon.

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My wife wants to hike down the Grand Canyon this summer.

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