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Why do people in movies always snort cocaine off of mirrored surfaces?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) August 10th, 2010

I’ve always wondered why people are always snorting coke off of mirrors or mirrored trays. Does it have something to do with crushing the cocaine or something?

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I always figured it was so none went to “waste”.

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because that’s what people in real life do (for serious, sometimes)!!

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Assuming that people do it in movies because people also do it not in movies, I asked this once of someone who should know. She told me. And then I forgot the answer.

I think maybe because the mirror is really, really flat and smooth? and readily available without looking like “paraphernalia.”

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@Jeruba Hmmm that makes sense. I always thought that anything with a reflection would be the worst thing to snort drugs from because your staring at yourself as you go to snort a line or whatever.

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They sometimes use a flat, polished table.

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Me mostly used mirrors and cd cases. But any glass or plastic works. It just needs to be hard and smooth. Things like a desk of coffee table are bad since you don’t want to cut into the wood and you don’t want to risk snorting some paint or finish.

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It was probably popularized by the first movie to depict it, and it became the norm, Hollywood is like that.

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There are two reasons I can think of. One is that perhaps a mirror is readily available as it will have a multi purpose – the second being to look at yourself to fix your appearance. The other reason I can think of is that because it is shiny, you can easily see the cocaine and pick it all up. Also mirrors are relatively cheap, and smooth as mentioned before meaning you can slide easily over it without any fuss compared to say a wooden table.

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The only coke I’ve ever been addicted to is the cola kind, but all the above sounds plausible to me. One other reason I can think of, luckily for directors and cinematographers, is that a mirrored surface is more “cinematic” than a non-reflective surface. Plus, it’s now visual shorthand for the activity.

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A flat smooth surface is used to be sure you get it all. You don’t want it to get stuck in crevices.

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Cause it’s hella fun and you feel like Scarface when you do it…

Source: Life

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Because mirrors always make a scene look bigger.~

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A wild guess is that it looks way better and it makes it look like there’s more cocaine.

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Because a mirror is a cheap, clean surface that you can see fully all of the coke your doing.
if you use a granite slab, it will tend to blend in, and you might take less or more than expected. Although granite is way more dope to take a hit off. Also, a mirror DOUBLES the vision of all the little white specs you see, so they’re easier to find and put them back into the line. (every grain counts!)

-Copied from Yahoo! Answers. Answerer was a previous coke dealer.

Plus, you can put compacts in your purse or pocket so you always have a surface to snort off of.

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Hollywood Duh!

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Because it is awesome, when you can watch yourself snorting a substance it adds a factor that you cannot compare to. Also it is very flat, and you can see whats left really easy so you don’t waste any.

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I always figured it has to do with the texture of the drug on a surface, most surfaces are too warm and Cocaine melts . While it may suggest the eyes of the soul are mirrored through it. And to see the transformation that takes place. We wake up our inferior or superior ego when we witness ourselves partaking in ritualism traditions or taboos. Spiritual Ying and yang is sought out.
Remember the INCAs.That is a spiritual awakening more or less, We are witness to our own God and the transformation.Feeling high or godlike, untouchable ; I think that is why they had so many sacrifices they never saw how much coke they were on to make them stop chopping heads during those times thus leading into infamy of non existence as the tripe or culture. lol

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