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Should I restrain myself from causing physical harm to my psychiatrist today?

Asked by Artistree (922points) August 11th, 2010

… or should I go for his throat??

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Why? Details, please…

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I was going to say go for it, but you’ll probably get busted, so no don’t harm him/her. And yes details!

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Lets just say we don’t see eye to eye. In my experience psychiatrists believe there is a ‘normal’ model of behaviour and anything that doesn’t match that model is ‘broken’ and requires medication to make it fit. I am who I am and I want to learn how to live my life understanding that and how it affects my mood and behaviours, not pop pills to make me more like everyone else. I have a meeting with him later today. Our differing views always make for entertaining ‘debate’ but I don’t believe they help me, so am considering just slapping him instead… that probably would make me feel better.

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Or for heaven’s sake, if you can’t communicate effectively with this person, go to a different psychiatrist. If that’s not an option, tell him/her what you just told us and why.

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@Artistree You just got some good advice. Also, if I went through life slapping everyone that needed it or made me feel better to slap, I’d never get anything else accomplished.

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Oh, and BTW, yes. Restrain yourself.

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yes…please…then find another doctor…If you really hate your doctor file a complaint and move on.

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That’s the sound of something intended to be jovial completely passing you by.

Oh for heaven’s sake.

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Consider making this your last meeting with this practitioner. Find someone else who you are more compatible with. Do not touch him. It would be assault and battery.

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If you have no respect for your doctor in his position as a psychiatrist, why not go to another one. I wouldn’t waste the money to see someone who I felt knew less than I, as you apparently do. Your ranting answer to your own question sounds like you do need help though.

Hit him only if you would like to have a criminal record in addition to your medical one.

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Oh, sure, by all means, do your worst with the guy. I hear prison psychiatrists are pretty good.

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You’re the one paying so it’s up to you.

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@Artistree So sorry I didn’t see the smile and the wink when you were posting.. Gee. I’ll be more observant next time.

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I’m not sure how asking whether you should physically harm your psychiatrist is being jovial…

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@Artistree ZZZZ? Screw it then, force his meds down his throat, slap him silly and go for the throat. Just rip your page out of the appointment book on the way out.

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Yes! A giggle jacket should do nicely. Impossible to hit the guy when wearing that little beauty. Although you could still nut him if that’s what floats your boat.

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On a less snarky note, may I suggest that disagreements between you and your psychiatrist might lead to your growth. Isn’t one of the reasons we go to a psychiatrist is to have engrained ideas about ourselves challenged?

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@talljasperman Why file a complaint against a doctor that isn’t a good fit? Not everything is a malpractice suit or a complaint worthy situation. The poster just needs a different doctor.

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My knuckles would be forever bloodied if I started swinging at everyone who I felt deserved it and just bitch slapping a psychiatrist won’t accomplish anything! Try and find an outlet for your frustrations. Back in the years when I felt like the whole world didn’t have a clue…I took martial arts classes and man o man was that fun!! I mean full on kicking and punching and getting kicked and punched. Nothing feels better than taking it out on another warm body and no one gets really hurt….most of the time…well a broken toe, finger and occasional cracked rib or bloody nose.

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Missed the humour too I’m afraid. I take it your post is meant as a tongue in cheek stress relief?

Seriously, what specifically are you asking? If as written then no, violence will resolve nothing, but you already know that.

I’m interested in what you were expecting in the replies?

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Ooo, I dunno, maybe I was expecting folk to exercise their sense of humour, this is the social thread isn’t it? Apologies for missing out the smiley, I don’t usually need a laughter track to point out the punch line. I wasn’t expecting people to think I was actually asking if I should hit the guy. Geez, you take things pretty seriously around here don’tcha. Maybe we could have had a lovely chat about the pros and cons of psychiatry vs other approaches, which is what me and the guy did just talk about. You’ll (hopefully) be relieved to know that we’ve agreed that his views that my problems lie in the fact that I don’t want to get married, have kids, get a mortgage, work 9–5 doing something ‘responsible’ and ultimately arrive safely at the grave having neatly ticked all of the life achievements on his list is not my view and I’ll probably get more out of a psychological rather than a medical psychiatric approach.

Thanks very much, it was nice chatting.

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@Artistree You haven’t been here long enough for us to get your humor yet. But stick around and we will.

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Cool. Thanks Chyna :-)

(smiley face is for you for getting it) xxx

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I didn’t realize Fluther was a general forum site.

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You’ll still get billed.;)

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@chyna filling a complaint is far better than killing your doctor…. and leaving is even better

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Go for the throat. Get your moneys worth.

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Just remember this is a guy that has the power to have you committed. I wouldn’t piss him off. Haven’t you seen One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest ?. I love that movie btw.

In the world today with rage shootings at workplaces and schools, and international as well as domestic terrorism, someone feigning a psychiatric problem threatening to harm someone can make people react with serious answers. Some people really do have psychiatric problems and have trouble dealing with anger. How are we supposed to know you are joking?

Welcome to the days of paranoia, fear, and hypervigilance. Imagine how this guy feels.

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Try some restraint and consider finding another doctor. Maybe a psychologist.

A psychologist walks a client through some of the more common issues of life, and guides her client to the answers and a better understanding of oneself. A good psychologist, after a certain period of time, maybe six month to a year, should not be needed any more. The problem is usually resolved, or at least better understood.
A psychiatrist would on the other hand deal with some illnesses, not just bumps on the road of life.

As with any medical professional, some research should be done before picking a psychiatrist or psychologist. Even if your doctor refers you to a specific practitioner, your therapy will not be productive if you do not feel comfortable with your provider. Take several sessions before making up your mind, but be aware of how you interact with the psychiatrist or psychologist, and decide whether or not you think you will work well together. Do not be afraid to ask for recommendations to other practitioners who can meet your specific needs; most mental health professionals want to see patients get better, regardless of who is treating them.

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Out of curiousity—what is your diagnosis, and why are you opposed to the medical approach?

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@chyna was right. We’ll get the humour in time.

@AmWiser describes the psychologist approach well and this highlights the difference in approaches. The Psychiatric approach tends to suggest to me the medical model, as you describe, where the balance of power sits mainly with the Psychiatrist. It’s the Doctor/patient relationship where the patient, in order to be ‘cured’ needs to do what the doctor says. Of course there are people that require that type of intervention.

The psychologist approach tends to be more person centred – that’s not to say psychiatrist’s aren’t these days, it’s just a general observation.

The main point, as AmWiser points out, is that the goal is for the client to be non dependent on the psychologist. An analogy might be to use them more as a rudder to guide the boat, as opposed to them deciding where the boat goes.

It sounds like you are on the path to a lot of self discovery and understanding, and perhaps some unravelling of what makes you tick. However amusing you can make that is up to you, just don’t hide behind the laughter. Unless it’s funny of course, why deny the chance of a good belly laugh to get in the way of progress :-)

I hope that things go in a positive direction and that your guide, whoever that is, is helpful and works well for you.

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