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How do you memorise short numerical sequences?

Asked by ninahenry (1958points) August 11th, 2010

I’m trying to learn product codes, and there are a lot of them. Do you have any tips?

The codes vary from 1 to 5 digits and in the majority are 4 digits long.

For example: 21983 – “Knot-Wrap”

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We had the same when I worked at an Apple Premium Reseller, for example 24690 was a iPod Usb Cable. The way I learned them all was that we had written them down on small labels on the register. It took time, but i learned the most important ones eventually.

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Flash cards…They worked in elementary school.

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Repetition. As you continue to use the numbers over time, you will start to remember the most common ones. I had to do something similar when working as a cashier at the grocery store when I was 17. I still remember some of those produce codes to this day (and I’m now 29).

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Writing them yourself will help get them into your head. Also, I don’t know how many there are for you to learn, but commit to learning two a day. Once you remember a number, you probably won’t forget it. So in a week you could easily have 14 memorized. I tend to think of numbers how they appear on a 10 key number pad, like a telephone, or cash register. I have the pattern in my head, but that might not help much with just 4 or 5 digits, probably just as easy to memorize them straight across. I think I would picture the number as one number in my head. Not sure how this works for other people. Its like one single picture rather than a series of numbers. Kind of like seeing the word cat doesn’t need to be sounded out by most people, we just see the three letters and know what the word is. Not sure I am describing it well.

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Speak it out in Chinese because it’s more melodic and easier to memorise then.

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@JLeslie There are 123 at the minute. Thanks for your response, it makes sense.

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@ninahenry One hundred twenty three? Is that what 123 means? I am confused by the expression, I assume at the minute means currently. That is quite a lot to remember.

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@JLeslie yuppers! I have 123 (one hundred and twenty-three) codes to remember >.< I said “at the minute” because they’re always creating new products, so the list will keep growing! The mind boggles.

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repetition—read them aloud while writing them over and over Have someone else read them while you write and say them if you are also an auditory learner. Just get those numbers into your brain via every channel—read, hear, speak

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First you will need to get familiar with some mnemonic systems, like the mnemonic major system which allows you to map any number to a keyword. Then you need a mnemonic search engine to search for good keywords. Then need to associate the product with the keyword.

Your example was 21983 – “Knot-Wrap”. The mnemonic search engine proposes the keyword “soundbox fume” using the major system: n=2 (has 2 downstrokes), d=1 (has 1 downstroke), etc. Then you only need to make an association between the “Knot-Wrap” and the keyword “Soundbox Fume”.

Good luck.

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@NemoPlus what on earth? ‘soundbox fume’ has nothing to do with ‘knot-wrap’. I don’t want more things to memorize. Thanks very much for your answer, but it’s overcomplicated.

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@ninahenry Is there a core 20 or 30 that you use most frequently? I would start there.

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@JLeslie what do you mean by core 20 or 30?

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I think he means if there’s some particular 20 or 30 items that are more frequently used than others. But then again english isn’t my first language, so don’t sue if I’m wrong :)

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Yes, @wilhel1812 is correct. Is there 20 or 30 used very frequently, so knowing those will improve your efficiency, and you can look at a cheat list for the others? Eventually memorizing all of them. Or, are you actually going to be quizzed in some formal way? I was assuming you need to memorize the numbers to help you be fast at your job.

I am a girl by the way.

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@JLeslie haha, yes, you’re a lovely lady! We do look over the products that are selling the best, so I’ll learn those first. Thanks :)

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@ninahenry I mentioned I am female because @wilhel1812 called me a he. Happens all of the time.

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Sorry about that one, it won’t happen again. I promise, cross my heart!

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@wilhel1812 Not a problem at all. Leslie can be either, doesn’t offend me, not to worry if you make the mistake again. Welcome to fluther :)

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Well I’ve been here since 2008, but thanks :)

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@wilhel1812 Oh hahaha. I thought you were new. I must have confused you with someone else. I was just looking through peoples profiles an hour ago, and I had thought you were one of the new ones.

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@JLeslie haha, I know. I constantly check my use of pronouns ;)

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