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How do you know when you're dreaming?

Asked by HoneyBee (347points) August 11th, 2010

This is sort of a philosophical question about reality but how do people know that dreaming is not the reality and that being ‘awake’ is actually the dream state?

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When one is aware that they are dreaming, it’s called “Lucid Dreaming”.

It’s quite a fascinating phenomenon.


:: Edit ::

I just realised that is not at all what you were asking. I have no opinion on this philosophical question. I apologise.

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Flip the light switch! If the light turns of, you’re awake, if it doesn’t, you’re dreaming.
Light never or rarely changes in a dream.

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When you realize YOU WERE dreaming.

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When I ask for a drink, Halle Berry brings it to me.

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When I can fly like Peter Pan, sans wires.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Are you saying that when you’re not dreaming – you’re flying around like Peter Pan, but with the wires?

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The spinning top never falls over.

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I have known I was dreaming a few times; loved it. But as soon as the fun started I woke up. )-:

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I thought it meant R.E.M.‘s/Rapid eye movement-meant you were sleeping.But I think I may be wrong?!It may mean comming out of sleep.

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You don’t know for absolutely positively sure. However, it is the hypothesis best supported by the evidence. For one thing, things in real life can be replicated and independently verified. This is not possible for things in dream life.

It’s really pretty simple. Once you understand the scientific method, it will be obvious.

Now, having said that, I will admit that it is a fun proposition to consider. It makes you take a second look at life and perception. It makes you question your perceptions. In fact, we are right to do that. Many times our perceptions give us very inaccurate information. This is probably true in dreams as it is in real life. To the extent we really don’t “see” what is out there, our dreams could be as accurate as our waking perceptions. But I doubt it. Except for me, lol.

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Sometimes I dream about whole movies, sitting and watching them all. Even ones that aren’t real.

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The Prince said “I dreamed I was a butterfly. Or am I a butterfly dreaming I am a prince?”

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When I eat food in a dream, it all taste like the inside of my mouth. Not bad. Just not like food.

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