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How to get a 4 pack?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) August 11th, 2010

At the moment my stomach is slightly rounded, i’m not overweight or anything but i’m by no means ripped or toned. Besides crunches, what should i do to get a 4 pack?

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Run your ass off.

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Are vitamin supplement necessary?

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Sit-ups and crunches. Beaucoups.

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Diet will play a huge role and get out and push it on the pavement whether running, biking or KSA in a sport!!

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For me, running toned up my stomach muscles. That and doing sit-ups, and crunches like others have said.

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It is not enough to just do crunches. You have to do cardio as well to get rid of most of your fat. You don’t want to only do core exercises so if you want a 4 pack, you need to commit to a more well-rounded exercise routine. You’ll want to work your arms, legs, back, shoulders, etc. But to specifically build abs, you’ll want a cardio routine – not walk a couple miles on the treadmill, but run several miles several times a week until you are dripping in sweat and are exhausted. You can work in other types of cardio to keep things interesting like swimming (try doing butterfly stroke), paddling (not sure about rowing but in outrigger paddling you get some workout in your obliques), etc. You’ll want to supplement the cardio with weight training. Do sit-ups, do sit-ups on a decline bench, do sit-ups on a decline bench with weight. Don’t just sit-up. Do sit-ups to the sides as well (basically it is a sit-up until the end where you twist your body to finish to the right or left of your feet; you’ll want to get better instructions than these, btw, for safety reasons pls don’t rely on this text alone) to work your obliques. There are other ab workouts you can do besides sit-ups that will enhance your workout. The second part that complements the exercise is your diet. You can’t be munching bacon all day everyday and expect your workout routine to get you a 4/6/8-pack. You need to be burning more calories than you intake. You might be able to do this by feel after a while, but if this is an issue for you I would take steps to ensure if you’re serious about your goal. And no, vitamin supplements are not necessary, but it depends what you’re eating.

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Its not as easy as just wanting to work on your abs, or get a 4 pack You have to strength you entire core. Its the area around your trunk and pelvis (back and front). And is where your center of gravity is located. Its what helps you keep good balance. The best exercises to do anywhere are planks. When you lay down on the floor (on your stomach) then hold yourself up either on your elbows, or hands. If your on your hands it’s like a push up position without the up and down. you can also do side planks and dips. I recommend starting with 30 sec, and resting time 30sec. and repeat. after a few times you do this, keep raising the time you can hold it for (without raising the resting time) most important is to keep your back in a straight line. don’t let your butt come up, or cave in.

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why four and not six? just curious . . . i just always hear people say “i want a six pack” not “i want a four pack”

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@mrrich724 Because im realalistic

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Do daily cardio to burn the fat off that might be covering your abs like 30 to 60 minutes. Watch what you eat and choose healthier foods. Drink a lot of water and do all over strength training 3 times a week.

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