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How do you throw away old CD's? Recycle?

Asked by skfinkel (13506points) August 11th, 2010

I have lots of these that are finally getting out of my apartment. Can I recycle them?

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Or, as I should have said in the question, are they just garbage? These are the ones, of course, that no one else will want.

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For data CD’s. Destroy the surface. I usually run a scissor blade across them. Or, snap them in half and there is the microwave trick. As @worriedguy is about to tell you. :-)

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If they are music cd’s give them to your local goodwill. If they are informational cd’s take them to your local shredder company. (Our city has a yearly document shredding day, where you can watch them being destroyed).

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Don’t just throw them away! You have to try the microwave trick. It is awesome!

Put the disk data side up on a coffee mug, set the timer for 5 seconds, turn off the lights in the kitchen, hit “start” and watch the fireworks. Nice.

(That will destroy the data too.)

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I use them for targets at the rifle range.

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Donate them to Goodwill. It will be more useful to someone else as a music CD than anything else you could possible make them into.

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Microwave, trust me.

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