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Is the footage of this sniper reenacted on the History channel or actual?

Asked by valdasta (2144points) August 11th, 2010

Watched this clip on Youtube of a sniper. I was wondering if the footage is real. Is there a way to find out or tell?

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Dramatization. Having a documentary crew hanging out with a sniper would be unproductive.

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Yeah. That’s a reenactment.
Snipers don’t exactly want to be seen by their enemies. Having a camera crew hanging around them draws a little bit more attention than desired.

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@ChazMaz and @Sarcasm are right. It’s a reenactment. There are actually several factual innaccuracies in that video as well….

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No way that’s real!

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They were a mile away…you think they would have been spotted? I am just curious – the images of men being shot looked pretty real (though I never have witnessed it myself).

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Definitely a reenactment. Camera crews are not allowed to tag along with tactical patrols in the battle field now. You get embedded reporters, but actual video coverage is few and far between. The biggest give away to a reenactment is the view though the sniper scope. 1) it’s a vignette (an overlay type of cropping a piece of video in post production. and 2) if the camera was looking through the scope…..the sniper wouldn’t have been. Any reporters that are present with a patrol when insurgents show up are commanded to get down basically and lay there and follow directions until the crisis has passed. Rule number one of anything that is even remotely documentary-like you fake it to make it.

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@Battousai87, excellent answer. You are absolutely correct.

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