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Right at this moment, do you feel: exhausted, down, in pain, excited, bored, scared, anxious, in a smooth mood....?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21633points) August 11th, 2010

How would you describe the way you feel at this very moment?

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I am a little down.

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I’m feeling kind of tired and incredibly frustrated at my organization’s IT department that has forced me out of my database because my password has expired but haven’t addressed my phone calls for days about getting me a new password so this very situation wouln’t happen. And, today I planned on working late and getting all my data entry done and now it’s 5 pm and do you think anyone’s going to give a hoot that this issue is important to me or that they haven’t done squat about it?

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All the above.

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@marinelife , you are not the only one. Chin up!

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Excited. Later today I’m going to go and help some friends of mine paint the inside of a new (very old) house they are renting. I’ve been helping them for the past few days and it’s been a lot of fun, especially since I’ve never done anything like this before. My OCD-inspired ability to see little faults everywhere has led to significant improvements in that old house.

Also, tomorrow is my boyfriend’s birthday and I am excited for that, then 12 days later, it’ll be my birthday. :)

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@ZEPHYRA I’m trying, but problems have me down.

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@jjmah Hate that feeling!

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@marinelife I’m blaming the ovaries!

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Alone, pained, sick, achy, embarrassed, unloved, unwanted…

Pretty much ever negative feeling possible.

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@DominicX Happy Birthday to both of you even though it is too early! Lucky you can still be happy about having a birthday! You are in your salad days!

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I feel very bloated, because I had a lot to eat, and a little impatient because I want it to go down so I can go to the pool already!

trying not to think of my problems right now…

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@ZEPHYRA Thank you! :D

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@iWitch, we are here for you if that is any consolation.

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@ZEPHYRA Thanks, hon. Just going through a bit of an emotional rough patch.

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Pretty damned mellow – but then I’m in Maine, my favorite chilling out place in the whole world.

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Tired. I have strep throat but there’s too much to do, so I can’t rest. It’s my oldest son’s 18th birthday, and my daughter has her last swimming class this afternoon. I’m not looking forward to sitting in the heat (it feels like 105 here) while watching my daughter play in the pool. the things we do for our children :)

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Happy Birthday to your little girl! Going to be a tough day but you will get through it!

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I second @janbb. I feel mellow as well. With a broken foot and not being able to leave the house, if I feel any way but mellow it’s pretty much a waste.

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@janbb Is it just Maine all on its own that does the chilling out or is it accompanied by anything else?

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Excited and in a smooth mood as I usually am at this time of the day!! ;)

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@deni happy mending time! Now how did you go about breaking it?

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@ZEPHYRA Beautiful scenery, hiking, lobster and seafood eating, good friends, cozy cottage, cooler weather, boat rides…......

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@janbb Ooooh, what more could you wish for?

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Fuck all!

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Jittery… I had too much coffee.

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@ZEPHYRA thanks! stepped off a curb the wrong way. it was so stupid.

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Stuffed from pork chops; annoyed w/this dog who wants to tear up the bones!! He’s squeaking!!

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I’m sleepy and have cramps.

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I have heartburn from lunch. Green chile cheese fries, salad with Jalapeno Ranch dressing, chicken fried steak with green chile and jack cheese sauce, and strawberry cobbler with vanilla Blue Bell ice cream.

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I am somewhere between excited and relaxed with a little bummed thrown in for good measure. All three of my kids went back to school today and that is always emotional – this year we had the bonus of my oldest starting middle school. They all came home pretty satisfied with their first day and of course all the sharing and talking was pretty exciting. I just got to work for a four hour shift and since I love my job and the men I work with this evening I am relaxed and glad to be here. All that being said, I didn’t get to talk or hang out much with my man over the past 24 hours and I am bummed and missing him.

@iWitch big hugs and lots of lurve are coming your way, hope things begin looking up soon.

@jonsblond feel better soon lady! I know this is a challenging time and you are in my prayers!

@DominicX have you considered vacationing in the mid-west next summer? My house could really use a good paint job.

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Tired. My mother took me clothes shopping, and it’s just such an ordeal. She suggests every single piece of clothing, even though I’ve already seen it, and will ask me “really? are you sure?” on things she likes and would look good in – not things I like and would look good in (we have both very different tastes and very different body types). She tends to insult me by passive-aggressively choosing first the dress with barely enough room for A cup breasts, then the muumuu that would allow even a woman with DDD’s to still stuff a pillow in there, then always telling me I need a bigger size – even if I’ve already picked out the bigger size in anticipation of her telling me I need a bigger size. Then I have to model everything for her. It takes like, 3 hours to buy 3 tops. When I’m on my own, it takes me a maximum of half an hour, even if I’m buying half the store.

I am grateful she did it, it’s just an ordeal. I want an ice cream bar now, please.

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Pissed, My computer’s loading something…or something, and I don’t know what, and it makes everything so slow. Go figure, I don’t use it for three days and then I come on and it fucks up. The hell with this, Imma go watch some movies.

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exhausted, tired, drowsy, drunken slightly with a buzz because of the first three mentioned. overwhelmed, over-scheduled, over-worked…

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@charliecompany34 Ooo! Drunk! Reminds me…. ^grabs bottle of wine^

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Comfortably Numb

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Fortunate, very fortunate.

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A little bit of pain…in my ankle. I think I did something bad when I was running and now it’s a little swollen.

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I just got off of the phone with my best friend. Guess I’m in a smooth mood.

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Anxious. Nothing new there then!

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In a smooth mood i suppose. :) A little lazy to be doing work (but there is nothing new about this), and in the mood to have a hot bath, get comfy on the couch and watch movies. I don’t know what that mood is called. Either way, i’m neither overly excited or depressed or anything, just…....fine. :D

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Tired, and hungry. Waiting for my partner to get home so I can have dinner.

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Fat. Just got back from lunch.

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So sad for scamp.

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Very sad, very tired.

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