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You write a book based on your year so far, which is the most interesting chapter & why?

Asked by ucme (50031points) August 11th, 2010

Yeah, essentially what i’m asking is how is your year progressing & when was the most interesting/productive time?

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Chapter One: It would be too depressing to write about.

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January was when my husband left for his deployment. I went through a ton of different emotions, so that might be interesting depending on how it was written.

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The most interesting chapter hasn’t happened yet. i am going on vacation in two weeks.

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Hmmm, well, March was my most productive month, because that’s when I finished off the book I really DID write, and April was good because that’s when it was launched…

Now is probably the most interesting time because I’m leaving one job and looking at all the possibilities of moving back north and back to work I love…

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@Seaofclouds I cannot wait for the last chapter in your book. :)

I would say June when I learned to surf. It changed my life for the better.

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The most recent chapter. It’s the most lurid and enticing so far.

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July was one helluva month:
my computer broke
I was in a play (Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost)
We had to fire 2 actors in the play
One performance, I played 2 characters, which was quite the juggling act.
I had some health issues.
and the cess pool of the house I rent had to be pumped out.

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@Dog Me either. My best chapter is yet to come.

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Just empty pages.

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I think July-August has been the most unusual thus far just because of the travelling.
But it’s subtle actually, there’s a sort of blossoming that is taking place throughout this year; and so if, my year was a novel, I suspect that it’s building to a climax.

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Most interesting. Hmm. Probably “most interesting” would not be “best.” In that case, I’d have to nominate January, March, April, July, or August, so far, all of which have been dominated by dealing with an addiction that is not my own.

Most fun was June, which included a trip to the East Coast to visit my son and attend a family wedding in upstate New York, and then turn in a winning score on my Film final exam. Is that interesting, though? Probably not very.

GQ. The phrasing of the question is interesting.

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The one about sex….because it’s about sex ;)

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The next one, because it hasn’t been written yet.

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Probably that time I beat Silent Hill 2 in in like two hours and twelve minutes. Without saving. Man I’m some bad shit.

Otherwise, that time last Spring I tripped on the bus steps while getting out might be pretty funny to read lol.

Seriously though, unless I were to add some highly overspread analogies, metaphors and crap to my mundane routine, I’m not sure much of it is very outstanding enough to make a book about.

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When you are retired and have a limited schedule, my book would be very short. Actually, one word…no, two words! Damn boring!

BUT, after I get my new hip, watch out World.

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My daughter….and the issues we’ve had as a family….wait that could be a book all in itself…hmmm

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@BoBo1946 Hip hip hooray!!!

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@ucme never thought i would be excited about surgery!

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