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Is anyone else having trouble asking questions on Fluther today (August 11, 2010)?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32864points) August 11th, 2010

I can’t seem to ask questions. I don’t get an error message. Instead, I get the message that my question is in editing immediately upon posting.

Is anybody else having problems?

[Edit: interesting. I had no problems asking this question.]

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I haven’t asked a question today but I thought I’d mention that this one seems to work.

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Not I- nor did I send any of your questions to edit today. :)

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I just asked one a minute ago and had no problem.

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@Dog : Thanks. I’ve been in contact with Augustian and it’s been refered to the tech guys.

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@hawaii_jake That’s the 5K hazing – you didn’t know?

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Just wait until you see what they do at 10 and 20K!

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And Happy 5K!

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When I first read the title of your question, I thought it was regarding the lack of quality in questions asked today. :)

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@mrentropy : Thank you!
@rpmpseudonym : And it’s all because I can’t ask my question about comic strips.

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Sometimes, when one has asked too many self-indulgent, boring or just plain crappy questions, fluther-bot sends them immediately to “editing.”

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@zenele : May I ask what you’re trying to get at?

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@zenele And how do you know?

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@bob_ Because I am Simon Cowell.

@hawaii_jake Just kidding around – I didn’t mean you per se, or I’d just say so.

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@zenele : wink Oh, by the way, wink did you know that I’d recently gone over 5000 lurve? wink wink


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^ Oh yeah, very exciting. Cheers. Way to go. Congo rats and all that. When you hit the one where someone throws a lurve party for himself – and you – remind me. I’ll probably be the one with a little over 100 lurve and a new name. ~

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