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How can individual members make fluther a better place?

Asked by escapedone7 (5920points) August 11th, 2010

I cannot change site policies. How can an individual member improve the quality and enjoyability of the site? Give suggestions.

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A bit of change happened, and I’m just now getting used to it. It’s not the same as it used to be, but, it’s okay. I say we leave it as is.

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I think the best thing we can do is to continue contributing questions that provoke great discussions and answering each question we can with the best answer we can give (and knowing which questions to skip on answering).

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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@Seaofclouds So do you think we need to ask more good questions? What makes a question good? What topics seem to interest this community and what topics are best avoided? I just tried to ask a question. It flopped. How can I know if the question will be interesting to flutherites? What kinds of questions would you like to see more of?

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Acquiring 6th grade English skills would be a fine start.

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I nominate you to be grammar police. Flag the question. It will be moderated.

Some people are complaining about being bored and questions being to fluffly. I am trying to come up with ideas. Apparently people are looking for better questions. They want entertained. How can I better entertain them? They are bored.

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What are you wearing?

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I am wearing a black dress. ;) My wardrobe is hardly entertaining.

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Well then, wear something sexy and revealing and make it a better place.

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I think good questions are the key. People always have good answers to good questions, but it is the original thought that takes the most work. I have tried to do that with my more recent questions (I had one lined up last night, till I found out my premise was totally wrong). We just need to spend more time thinking about what we don’t know than what we do.

That said, Fluther is a great place and I still enjoy it as much as the day I joined.

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@escapedone7 Asking the good questions is the hard part (in my opinion). If I could give you an easy formula for asking good questions I would, but I can’t. It’s really hard to tell what will be a hit and what will flop, but as long as people are trying, it’ll happen.

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‘How can an individual member improve the quality and enjoyability of the site?’
If one person is capable of giving joy to one other person on this site than in my opinion it has served its purpose. When its time for change, the powers that be will see that it happens. So for right now…it don’t get no better than this.

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. – Michael Jordan

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I think too many people ask a question just to ask a question, and they don’t even care about what they are asking. If we waited until something came to mind that we truly cared about, more thought would be put into those questions. When you care about what you are asking, it shows.

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@jonsblond That is a very good point. Since specific complaints given to me centered upon the overabundance of “fluffy” questions, I was trying to think of something more like a thesis statement. I suppose I could ask about the moderating role of personal norms and source credibility in normative social influence. To me it would have no more substance than asking about popsicles though. Perhaps it isn’t about how heady the topic is as much as how much people relate to it personally.

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Don’t forget the lurve quest. I bet some underhanded people ask questions just to get lurve!!!

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Show respect to all members.

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Try to be nice.

Easy to say; really hard to do.

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I’d say not spam is a good start. I’m very happy with this site however. It seems free of most spam.

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possibly some of the questions are trite, but if people are bored maybe they should go for a walk somewhere, or go swimming, or visit the library or the theatre, or read a proper book, with paper in, or save up some money and visit somewhere interesting and different. These are simple suggestions to alleviate boredom, i can think of some far more deeper and searching suggestions….

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Whatever you do, steer clear of asking questions about religion and politics.

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@hawaii_jake that’s right let’s not talk about anything that really matters. Let’s talk about iPhones and my dog’s worm infestation.

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@mammal : Oh your poor doggie. How can I help?

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There should be a facility like “birthday reminders” same as on facebook.So an user can wish to the user added in their member list.

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@mammal I agree. Fluther is not responsible for the boredom of others.

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Write good questions and flag dumb.ones.
Answer intelligently while ignoring troll bait.

The cream eventually floats to the top.

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Don’t waste time & energy on pointless bickering. Same for patronising moral lectures. Be the best you can be & enjoy!! :¬)

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The best way…

Be real, and be yourself.

Also, wipe your feet at the door. What am I your maid?

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What ever you do here, make it your best and live up to your highest standards of conduct.

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Today is national make bob a sandwich day.

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I have the bread.

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I got the pastrami – and away we go.

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