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Anyone ever live in central america?

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) August 11th, 2010

I was watching the today show, and they said a lot of Americans were retiring to Panama. Anyone ever live there? Do a lot of people there speak english?

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Tons of people live there. Literally, tons and tons of people live there. 47 million people live there, and if you add in all the people who have ever lived there, that number gets so much higher.

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@papayalily I’m pretty sure the blueknight73 meant if someone on Fluther had ever lived in Central America.

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@iWitch I know. But the way it was phrased, I just couldn’t help myself.

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@papayalily ;) Figured as much.

@blueknight73 I’ve never lived there, but I have a classmate that visits there every vacation. In Argentina, there is completely bilingual learning.

Edit: And by bilingual I mean both Spanish and English.

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@papayalily HAHA i guess I will have to type slower, maybe you would understand the question better. :)

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I lived there for 18 months. I was stationed there in the military. I loved it. I was mostly in Honduras but spent a little time in some of the other countries.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Oh, I looked at the question, wrong, too.

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I lived in Tijuana once for about a month.

For the longest time, the Canal was controlled by the United States; a knowledge of English would have been quite beneficial. Then these things tend to have their own inertia…

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