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What's your favourite horror movie?

Asked by Berserker (33514points) August 11th, 2010

I’m sure it’s been asked before. In fact, I know it has. I don’t even have to search to find out.

However, a remake is always nice, since tastes change, new victims people come and go, and anyways, just like Jason never dies, and how Michael shall always rise no matter how many times he gets pummeled, this question will never die!

You can only have one, even if you have many. Feel free to differentiate it from others you love, and say what makes yours stand out amongst the corpses. But please just have one. (Or I’ll slash your throat lol.)

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Dead Alive (does that count as horror?)

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Shaun of the Dead

One of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Man does it ever. :)

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I adore any of the Nightmare on Elm St. movies. I also like the Friday the 13th films with Jason Vorhees. It might be dumb, but I liked the Freddy vs. Jason movie that they made.

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@ducky_dnl Hell yeah, Jason rocks my damn socks. Nice choice. :)

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Hm…. ones that aren’t scary.

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@iWitch Most of em ain’t. XD

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It’s so hard to pick one.

The Excorcist III Cabin Fever

please don’t kill me!!!

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I’m with @iWitch ones that aren’t scary (well, scary but with class). So I have to go way back to the 50’s & 60’s before blood and gore. Like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Blob, The Thing from Outer Space, the old old Dracula, Vampire, and Warewolf movies…..and on and on and on. Sorry, but not really.

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@AmWiser Have you seen Killer clowns from outer space? That movie is kinda old, but I like it. (:

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Brainscan..even tho it’s not really really scarey..
then Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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@jonsblond That movie ROCKS. Check out the sequel. :) (Watch out for the penis scene though.)

@ducky_dnl Haha Killer Clowns. I saw that quite a few times, it’s an instant classic. :)

@Dewey420 TCM is a work of art. :)

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@ducky_dnl darn I must have missed that one. I’ll be sure to look it up.

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@Symbeline I get scared at all scary movies. I mean, I had to sleep literally in my friend’s arms after watching Carrie.

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Troma movies… Toxic Avenger, Poultrygeist… well, those are the only two I’ve seen. But they’re so over-the-top and weird that they have to be seen to be believed.

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The sight of all those deformed little circus slowly crawling in the rain in the dead of night, one of them with a knife in his teeth (he has no arms), their intention to murder and mutilate a woman who has scorned them and shamed one of their own… this Todd Browning film still packs as much punch for me as it surely did almost 80 years ago!

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Shining. But, for a real scare – The Changelling.

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The Birds!

If you have never seen it, do…great movie and I normally don’t like horror movies!

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Changeling. NOT the Angelina Jolie movie. This.

Scared the poop out of me when I was 14.

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@BoBo1946 My dad loved this movie. It’s awesome, especially that part where the woman finds that old dude with his eyes pecked out. I had goosebumps. Also, nightmares.

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The television miniseries The Stand, or the movie Psycho.

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Oooh, I love that Freaks has already been said, so I can pick another. :D

The Haunting. The original 1963 film, not the crappy 90s one (even though I adore that cast).

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@Symbeline I haven’t seen the sequel yet. Now you have me interested! You must love The Funhouse if you like Cabin Fever. I think I’ve seen The Funhouse at least 20 times. It was my favorite slasher flick when I was a teenager.

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Sugar beet, how can I pick just one? 30 Days of Night is a recent good ‘un, lots of jumps, but Aliens is a classic.
The most recent thing that I’ve seen that was a good concept and freaky as all get out would have to be Mirrors. The scenes with the guy’s sister were horrfying for me. The girl looks in the mirror smiling and walks away. The reflection stays there and looks so hateful. Then it grabs it’s bottom and upper jaw in both hands and tears them apart…. and that’s how they find the sister. Still gives me the creeps.

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Mimic. The giant insects that can look human.

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Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Scary Bette Davis, pathetic (pathetic???) Joan Crawford and a nice little twist.

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@Symbeline it would be considered a classic horror movie..Hitchcock was a genius!

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Hellraiser!! Small budget, big shocks. Those fucking cenobites….just no!

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The Grudge? Not sure, i like many, horror movies are my favourite to watch. But not blood and torn off limbs, that’s gross and absolutely not scary. I like supernatural or demon or ghost movies best.

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I enjoy horror films that could actually happen in real life or one’s that are based on true stories.
This scene from The Strangers scared the poop out of me. This movie has its moments. I can appreciate the fact that for the most part, they kept it exciting and interesting when all events took place in less than a 10 hour time frame.
I also really enjoyed The Descent. Just the idea of the whole sub-human thing was creepy.

The Ring was pretty good. I think I saw that movie in theaters when I was 15. It was the first horror movie that genuinely terrified me. I still can’t quite figure out why, but the fact that it managed to is the reason why I like it. No movie, before or after, has been able to even come close to scaring me like that. I’ve even seen The Ring multiple times afterwards and it doesn’t scare me. It was only the first time.

I love zombie movies, of course. Dead Alive and Shaun of the Dead were epic.

I also really like movies about demons and possession. The Evil Dead was great.

I really enjoyed Oldboy, Audition, Let The Right One In, and Martyrs. Foriegn horror films are the shit.

And the most classic would be Silence of the Lambs.

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Strangers was some messed up shit. Those masks will haunt me forever. Also, I want one.

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@Vunessuh Let the right one in is great.

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@Vanessuh (and anyone else who liked the style/atmosphere of Martyrs) Have you seen Inside?

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@MacBean I have it in my Netflix queue. Haven’t gotten to it yet though. Did you like it?

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@Vunessuh (Oops, I spelled you wrong last time. SORREH.) I did! It was short (only about an hour and twenty minutes, I think) but the tension was so well-done that my neck and shoulders ached when I finally unclenched when it was over. There’s lots of blood, so it’ll please any gorehound, but it relies even more on suspense and atmosphere, which is (slightly) more my cup of tea. HOORAY for this new wave of extreme French horror. I like it. :D

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Inside is fucking awesome. It’s poetry for the eyes. Paint the walls red indeed. And B√©atrice Dalle, I’m madly in love with her. All her roles are always so fucked up.

Well then, for those who enjoy creepy French gory films like Inside and Martyrs, I implore yall to check out Frontiers. (Frontières.) Now this is some psycho business.

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Inside sounds like a bloody good time. I’ve been in a blood and guts mood lately so perhaps it will fulfill me.
I’ve been meaning to watch Frontiers for a while now. It’s instantly playable on Netflix so perhaps I’ll watch it tonight and push Inside to the top of my queue. I’ve come to discover that French horror is pretty fucking awesome. Oui, oui. :D

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Also if you can, check out Calvaire. (The Ordeal.) It’s from Belgium, and not gory, but it shore is some messed up up beezwax.

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Haha, you sent me that video before. I was all, “Wut duh fuck?” and then immediately added it to my queue. I swear to God, those queue’s man…everyone should have one. XD

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the Exorcist in my opinion is the scariest movie I have ever seen.
But I think my favorite is the original “Dawn of the Dead”.

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Also, I can’t forget “Salem’s Lot”.
This movie and novel tormented me when I was a kid. Kept thinking that Danny Glick would be scratching on my window. LOL
Anyways, my fear of this movie led to my love for vampire movies.

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Dawn of the Dead, sweet. It’s my best zombie flick ever. Never saw Salem’s, but I did read the book. I thought the vampire was a little too cheesy for my taste…but it doesn’t change the fact that he ruled lol.

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Nightmare on Elm St. (2010) It was’nt scary. But most horror movies I’ve seen were’nt scary. And I’m not fearless. I’m afraid of spiders, yet I aint afraid of any scary movies. Hahaha.

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This isn’t my favorite of all time, but a recent good scare: Quarantine. I highly recommend it. The only downside is that it’s often too dark to really see what’s going on. I liked it enough to search out this question!

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Oh yeah I saw that. You’re right, it’s one of the few horror movies I’ve seen that doesn’t completely fail in delivering the fear. I appreciated that about it a lot. I wanna see number 2. (If you liked that, you should check out The Horde, too.)

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The Horde is already on my netflix list!

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Damn well better! :D A lot more lighting in this, too. Plus the coolest old man you’ll ever meet. XD

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I haven’t seen Quarantine (yet) but it’s a remake of [REC], which is one of my favorites.

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Yeah, and the remake more than does justice to the original. So check it. :)

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@Symbeline I almost always do check out remakes. If they’re bad, it gives me something harmless to rant about and let off steam. If they’re good… well… good! XD

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Haven’t even seen that new Elm Street one yet…I know, a shame. XD

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hahaha its really good but really scary :P you should watch it :)

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