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If you could make any animal hybrid what two or more animals would it be and what would it's name be?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) August 11th, 2010

okay I bet Fluther that a lot of people asked this before, and I’m going to be one. What hybrid would you make and what would it be called? I think I’ve already thought of my hybrid just can’t think of a name for it. It would be part wolf,lion,tiger and husky I just can’t think of a proper name for mine. Okay so what would your hybrid be and what would you call it?

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I’d mix an opossum with a hedgehog. I’d call it a hossum.

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A Kodiak Bear with bat wings. Now that’s some badass shit. That’s all it needs be called.

They probably got one of those in D&D already or something though, meh.

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Human & Eagle

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A panda and a koala. The only reason really is to be able to call it a Pandoala.

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@Dewey420 You should check out Tanith Lee’s Book of the Mad. Actually they were half men half were water foul and not eagles, but still. :)

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Part horse, zebra and eagle. It could be called a Hozegg

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An elephant and a puppy. This would make a puppy sized elephant.

Give me one, Evolution. Give me one, now.

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A rhino and a elephant.And i dont know what to name it. Maybe Rhelephino

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i think the cutest is a bunny but i wonder what would happen if you tried to give it wings like a love bird… it’d be called a binny ^^

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I’d cross a jackass with a horny goat and call it Steve ;)

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Psst. It’s water fowl)

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(I laughed.)

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Basset Hound + A Giraffe = A Girasset Hound or A Bassraffe.

Long neck, long ears, wrinkly body…all sorts of cuteness.

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@gailcalled I guess I still have much to learn about English. I used to think that a swan (The water fowl, funny enough.) was spelled as ’‘swine”.
I got laughed at then too.
Goddamn aquatic birds scarring me forever.

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Snake and a panda O_o
Wow, that’d look odd.

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@Symbeline Your English is so much like Meg’s and J’s ((hugs)).

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My favourite already exists – the platypus.

Apart from that though, I would like to hybridise a leopard and a polar bear. It would be the toughest animal out there, would climb trees and swim well, and would be both nimble and powerful. It would be white with black dots, much like a snow leopard, but twice as big and a bit more stocky with a smaller tail.

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A hawk and monkey. Umm.. Call it a Honkey. I think it would be like them flying monkey in the Wizard of OZ.. Now that would be cool.

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A fox & a ladybird. That’s one foxylady!
A one legged monkey & a donkey. Wonkey Donkey.

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I wouldn’t want to make an animal hybrid. Nature is perfect without any help. Man made animal hybrids sicken me. Not the animal but the people.

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Armaphant (the roller of destruction)
yeah let that roll around your town and see what happens

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Cat + Dog = Dinner

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Pony + Monkey and I would call it a Punky.

And, unlike Jonathan Coulton, I wouldn’t use too many monkeys.

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name: brutal.

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Mosquito + Spider = Moser Hopefully it would only hunt for mosquitos! I hate them!

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Peregrine Hawk + Wolverine = GAME OVER.

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Human and ape = Homo Familiaris.

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