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Where can I download full-resolution photographs of yacht's for free?

Asked by Adagio (14040points) August 11th, 2010

I want to create a collage coffee mug for my father for Father’s Day. I would like to use photographs of yachts, especially classic yachts, under sail. I probably need about 12 images in all. I’ve done several Google searches but no luck so far. Perhaps someone can help…

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I got this one just by googling Yacht Pictures. Is this not what you are looking for?

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Try Flickr’s advanced search, and check the “Creative Commons” box at the bottom of the page. There are quite a few.

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@chyna not exactly, I know there are people who refer to those god-awful vessels as yachts but they come nowhere near my understanding of a yacht… I find these vessels overly pretentious and ostentatious to the extreme, a real yacht definitely has at least one sail… I found some wonderful photographs but they were not full resolution and I cannot use them on Snapfish

@Vortico many thanks for the suggestion, I shall try that

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Thanks for the input everyone…

@mattbrowne I’m not sure what you mean by larger than feature…

@jacobsohn Welcome to the Collective :)

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@Adagio He’s talking about the dropdown box to the left of the images labeled “Larger than…” in a Google image search.

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Sorry I’m so late with this. If you’re after motor yachts, open Google images and punch in “NASCAR yacht club yachts.” You’ll see some beauties, just take your pick. This is probably the most exclusive yacht club in the world and it is packed with nouveau riche unabashedly conspicuous in their consumption. These are motor men and they prefer powerful motor yachts.

If you’re like me and prefer the magnificence of sail, Google (images) “sailing yachts.” You will see some wonderful vessels. Most of these are Bermuda-rigged sloops, though. Simple tri-sails. These are easy to sail with minimum crew, easier and less expensive to maintain than other sailing rigs, and therefore quite common in this modern era. If you really want to see the most beautiful examples of gaff-rig sloops, Google (images) “America’s Cup Yacht Race 1890’s.” If you like sail, you’ll love these.

BUT, if like me, you prefer lots of rag and and a busy deck, Google (images) Schooner rig yachts, and you will find real sailing, the grace and beauty of the past. These yachts make my eyes water. There is nothing more beautiful than a gaff-rigged schooner under full sail, goosewinged before the wind, coming down on off your bow. They look like angry, puffed-up white goslings. Gaff-rigged mainsail and mizzen with topsails, trisails between the mainmast and mizzen flying both port and starboard like wings, and fore staysail, jib, fllying jib all at the bow. Absolutely spectacular. But I can’t find any pictures for you. Googling “goosewing” turned up only small daysailers.

Anyway, I’m sure your project is long finished, but this is one of my favorite subjects and maybe you’ll be making your father a new mug this year. Are you a potter?

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