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The life of a Joker, Is it like this?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) August 11th, 2010

A Joker in the circus always laughs & makes people laugh..People tease him, people laugh at him. After the show when he sees himself in the mirror…he just swallows the tears with miseries, pains, sorrows in it… & then next show begins with same laugh but with different mockers.

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And then there are happy clowns, who have realized a dream, enjoy making people laugh, then clean up after the show and go home to their wife the bearded lady in their tent behind the flying trapeze.

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@zenele :All other characters remain busy in their work who can not understand his pains ,miseries..& all & if he tells those things to people in the same stream they also always laugh at him ,tease him without considering his feelings,emotions.

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Sounds like me, and fluther.

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@zenele :No,No..Not you :)

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Oh yes. And I suddenly realized you have (mistakenly?) put this in General – so in essence I have derailed and hijacked your thread – I shall proceed to flog flag myself.

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@zenele : Yeah! I agree with you,It should have been put in Social .

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I was under the impression they just go crazy and become “Magicians”.

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Why not assume that happiness can be genuine?

I have a friend who is a stand-up comedian. He’s very good and makes his living at it. He doesn’t sit around all day and tell jokes. What he actually does is sit around and write jokes after he’s spent hours observing people in various situations. The rest of the time, he washes dishes, does the laundry, runs the vacuum cleaner. He does all the things that normal people do. And he’s completely content.

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[mod says] Moved to Social, per the OP’s wish.

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