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A little something cool that you can do?

Asked by zenele (8242points) August 11th, 2010

Please, jellies, don’t break the thread too early, despite the Social section it has been asked in.

Do you juggle?

Do you unicycle?

Do you read upside down?

Can you hold your breath for 3 minutes?

I’ll start off: I can do all the voices (imperfectly) on the songs We are the World as well as Do they know it’s Christmas. I’m told it’s a fair impersonation and quite funny. When fluther gets together for the (long awaited) picnic – I’ll show you.


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I can do backflips (and carthweels). I can do a backflip off of almost anything. I’m known for it. :)

I can also recite the periodic table from element 1 to element 112. Most people don’t seem to want me to do that, though. :) They’d rather just shout out numbers and have me name the element.

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Do you juggle? No

Do you unicycle? No

Do you read upside down? Yes. Not while standing on my head, but I can read the scrabble board and documents upside down with no problem, just as well as right side up.

Can you hold your breath for 3 minutes? No. Or, at least I highly doubt it, never tried.

I have taught many many people how to stop hiccups, and it always works.

I can salsa pretty well.

I can speak Spanish pretty well.

I can drive a manual shift car (I know to people outside of the US that is no big deal).

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I can spend an entire Sunday watching pro-football on television. and not feel guilty about it ;)

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I will listen some beautiful songs while sleeping!!! :)

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We’re having a picnic!?

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All off-topic and crappy answers by jellies who have nothing special they can do are flogged flagged!

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I can also do a keg stand on a moving boat.

how’s that?!

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That’s better.

Tricks that involve sex welcome.

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I can do a lot of random crap… I’ll provide a bulleted list of some of my favorite of my more obtuse skills.

1. I can filter slightly dirty, naturally occurring water with very limited supplies to make it drinkable.

2. I know how to dig a grenade sump (a pit that will protect you from the blast of thrown grenades).

3. I know how to make an oxen yoke out of scrap wood and metal.

4. I know how to make a compass out of a needle, a piece of steel, and a cup of water.

5. I am well versed in cigar-smoking terminology.

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I can wiggle my ears.

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I can do “keepy uppy” with a football (soccer) a few thousand times continuously. I have to stop then because my eyes water so much.

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I can imitate a mourning dove call. If there are any nearby, they often respond.

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@zenele I love the Captain Kirk photo

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I too, can mimic the mourning dove and get them to answer…..

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Every time I go to the range. The first round I squeeze out is always dead center.

I fly R/C helicopters.

I love plucking the hairs from my nose.

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@JLeslie Thanks, but I have to flag your ass for off-topic.

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No… That would be (Off-Topic)

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I said flag, not flog.

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@zenele XOXOXOXO. Did you change back to Picard just to spite me?

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I can speak 4 languages, and alcohol improves my abilities.

This one time at a party in college, I was talking to this German chick who, I swear to God, complimented me on my “perfect grammar! I had never heard a foreigner speak it so well!” Sadly, my German is now much rustier.

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What I said, @bob_ , was you had perfect manners – and you don’t have to tell our little story to everyone.

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I can raise one eyebrow exactly like The Rock. I kinda cheat though. My forehead is so big, that I actually lower the other eyebrow a little to make it look like the other one moves even higher, but nobody ever notices haha.

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I can make young children shriek in horror when they touch the scars on my back and I flex the muscles that the doctors didn’t sew back together properly.

It’s really creepy… hehehe…

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I can play a mean didgeridoo. At least I think so.

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I can move my head back and forth without moving my shoulders (it’s harder than it looks, at first). It’s a great way to creep people out.

I used to be able to wrap my leg around my neck and bite my toe. But that was many many years ago.

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