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One month left in San Francisco: What should I do?

Asked by Elfman (449points) March 3rd, 2007
Favorite things to do in the Bay Area that should not be missed? (Been here seven years so I've done a lot but let me know if there is anything extra special that may be off the beaten path...thanks in advance.
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Marin Headleads. Point Reyes. The Gee's Bend Quilts exhibit at the DeYoung, if it's still there. Walk the Inspiration Point trail in Tilden Park (Berkeley). Eat upstairs at Chez Panisse (expensive, but won't totally break the bank!). Eat a chocolate thingy and a cheese roll at the Cheeseboard (Berkeley). I'll keep thinking...
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Exploratorium, Chez Panisse in Berkeley
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kabuki. three times a week. breakfast at tartine most mornings. china town fortune cookie factory.
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ooooo... tartine!
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muir woods national monument north of sausalito, up near mill valley where you can walk among and hug the giant redwoods, also muir beach just down the way to the ocean.
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thai breakfast near Ashby BART, the Alameda flea market, coit tower, there are so many things I don't even know where to start!
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Eat burritos at the Cancun in the Mission.
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sutro baths.
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while you pack, get rid of things. don't move things that you haven't used in the past 5 years.
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critical mass!
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savor the foods: in the mission: taqueria cancun (especially the veggie burrito), pakwan, pancho villa salmon tacos, pho at the vietnamese place on 16th/Valencia, rose (or other) ice cream at bombay’s on valencia……… dim sum in chinatown, eat at millenium if you can afford it, sushi, pizza, Indian all you can eat lunch buffets, whatever you like. you’ll miss it when you’re gone.
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climb to the top of twin peaks on a clear day (not the general lookout spot but the highest peak across the street), walk haight st (stanyan-masonic), go shopping at rainbow grocery and the farmer's markets, walk ocean beach, walk the headlands, go to as many concerts as possible (yerba buena center, amnesia, counterpulse, whatever your style), check out shops in the castro, sundays in golden gate park
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how could i forget. chocolate-covered macaroon at max's opera cafe (on van ness and other places). mmmmmmmmmm
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go to the conservatory of flowers in golden gate park and see the view from the top of the deyoung museum. green apple books on clement street. farmer's markets. flea market outside Ashby BART on weekends if you like that kind of thing.
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Find the top places at and go to as many as possible. Breakfast at Dottie's TrueBlue cafe.

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if you have a car available drive down the coast, big sur is a must if you have a day to spare.

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Make sure you catch the view from the top of Telegraph Hill. Have you taken the tour w/audio of Alcatraz? Pisco Sours at Destino on Market. Truffles from XOX Truffles in North Beach. Take the ferry over to Sausalito and wander around town for the day. Drinks at the Top of the Mark and/or Carnelian Room. Walk from the Ferry Building to the Golden Gate Bridge. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge (and back!). Take public transit out to the Palace of the Legion of Honor or China Beach and walk along the Coast Trail past the Sutro Baths to Ocean Beach then take public transit home. (That way you don’t have to walk the trail in both directions ‘cause your car’s in a parking lot back there>>>).

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Winchester Mystery House

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