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Do flies really poop everytime they land?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) August 12th, 2010

Is that a myth or the truth. SO if it lands on your food is it pooping? Would you still eat it? I heard that somewhere.

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I don’t know about the pooping, but if it does i would still eat my food.

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I was always told they vomit to make room for what they landed on. I don’t know if that is true. I wouldn’t put it past my mom to spread bullshit like that.

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I was always told the vomit thing, too. It’s never stopped me from eating something I really wanted to eat if a fly landed on it.

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If it’s true, then the world is covered in shit!

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“Flies vomit on food before eating it. They can only consume liquids so their vomit is a tool to liquefy their food. Their saliva turns the rest into complete liquid before they swallow it. Now I’d really like to have that sandwich now!

Flies defecate every 4–5 minutes. That’s interesting. Hopefully they land on you in between their poop sessions.”

Interesting and Fun facts About Flies

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I won’t eat anything that a fly or any other insect has landed on. And I didn’t even know about this vomit/poop thing.

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No, they land so many times they would run out.

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I knew about them vomiting on their (or our) food before they eat it. They vomit up digestive juices to start digesting it so they can suck it up. I don’t think they poop on everything but I expect they have poop on their feet from places they’ve been outside. That said, I have eaten food that’s had a fly on it, and I didn’t die.

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@downtide YET. When you do die, THAT WILL BE WHY.

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@MacBean haha nothing to do with the drinking and smoking then…

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@downtide Not a bit! It’s the bodily functions of flies. Without them, humans would be immortal.

I’m sorry, I have been awake for WAY too long. XD

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I don’t know the facts, but I just brush off food the flies have landed on and eat it anyway.

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I think the reference is derived from the fact that they’re really dirty; they carry a lot of nasty bacteria. Think, they go and play in garbage, in dog feces/other not-so-good substances – then they land in your food. They often act as a vector/carrier for harmful bacteria.

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Pre digested food, now that’s luxury!

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I don’t know if they do or don’t but, they are disgusting and I wouldn’t take chance.

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A fly landed on my food today. I ate it.
couldn’t really see any poop

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@wilhel1812 ate the food or ate the fly? :-D

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@downtide Maybe both! om nom nom

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