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Have you ever been on the website Do you think it's useful at all?

Asked by Blackberry (31878points) August 12th, 2010

This website covers everything from careers to sex. It’s essentially a cosmo magazine for men, although it is not just for young adults. Some of the financial, dating, and fashion advice seems legit. Are magazines and websites like this accurate? Or is it just some trendy articles that only apply to a small group of people?

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I love I go there all the time for information on nutrition, dieting, exercise, and, mostly, sex. As a woman, I feel like it gives me a bit of a view of the other side and I feel that it gives better information than most women-based advice websites.

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The dating advice and sex advice is far from legit. Women do not love these tactics, they feel that men who use them should be punched in the face, and often jailed for assault and registered as predators. As for the career/fashion advice, it’s slightly more legit, but it assumes two things: You want to be Don Draper, even the part where he’s a rapist, and that you are riddled with insecurity that they can prey on to make money.

Your comparison to Cosmo was dead on. Just remember, Cosmo is a magazine that advised these sex moves and recommended that women use a thong as a hair tie. Dumbest. Hair tie. Ever.

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It’s not even that it’s trendy, but it rehashes the same shit over and over, just like Cosmo. I quit reading Cosmo at 19 when I saw that an article I was reading had been almost the exact same one from 5 years earlier, but with different pictures!

Each woman is different. The best advice anyone could give you regarding dating is to be open, approachable and honest to the women you’re interested in about what you want and honest to yourself about your wants and needs. That PUA stuff I’ve seen on Askmen is just a blueprint for fake and unhealthy relationships. Think about it, do you really want a woman who’d fall for a “neg”? Really? Ugh.

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Yeah, I think it’s awesome. Like, totally, it’s God’s truth. For serious.

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Yeah I’ve only been on it a couple of times, but I guess it can be helpful though I think finding your own way to get a date or what ever is the best way instead of following something the internet says since you don’t really know if it’ll work or not. But it I know it does talk about sexual type things too that are I hope useful…

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Oh, it’s useful alright.

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Didn’t you answer your own question when you wrote “It’s essentially a cosmo magazine for men.”? Cosmo is just as useful as the toilet paper I wipe my ass with! The information is so general because that is the audience they are trying to target, the most people at once. Therefore, it can’t really be applied to your situation because each situation is unique. I feel friendly or familial advice is more accurate.

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I have browsed through it a couple of times a few months ago when I first got my computer. I have not been on the site in a while. I have found it to be one of the most pathetic websites I have ever visited. Unless you want to learn how to be a male chauvinist pig I wouldn’t recommend it. The articles are very poorly written and juvenile at best.

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@aprilsimnel “Each woman is different.” Agreed.

Saying all men are like this and all women are like this. Is horrible for society destroys the possibility to ask and learn about the person, because you already have assumptions.

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