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What have you done that makes you say, "If I did it, anyone can!"?

Asked by ubersiren (15152points) August 12th, 2010

I’ve accomplished a few small things in life that I’m proud of and that I think others could do if they tried. One being that I finished school. I haven’t gotten a degree, but I did get a certificate, which is a lot considering my past lack of ambition in formal education. I genuinely feel that if I can do it, anyone can. I have a few more things I hope to add to my list before I get old and dusty.

Is there a goal that you reached after thinking, “I’d never…”? What’s something you’ve accomplished that you would encourage others to do?

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I climbed to the observation point at Windy Ridge on Mt. St. Helens.

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I am fucking thrilled that you’re back.

Letting someone into your heart.

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Learned to play guitar because when someone finds out that someone plays, the first thing that usually comes out of their mouth is something along the lines of “I wish I could do that”.

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If I can feel good about myself, anyone can.

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SO good to see you here again! Do a ropes course – If I can do it, anyone can.

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Sitting through an insurance pitch.

But seriously, surviving a job loss, financial meltdown and illness in the same year.

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Rock climbing.

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Cook certain recipes? I’m really not good in the kitchen generally, so if i can follow a recipe and make a delicious meal, ANYBODY can.

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Bungee jumping. I have severe acrophobia, but someone bet $500 I wouldn’t do it. Tied off at the ankles. If you want to try it, I suggest an empty stomach the first time.

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Jump out a plane.

Scuba to 130 feet.

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I got sober and have stayed that way for over 11 years.

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Confronted someone who had abused me as a child.

Happy to see you back, @ubersiren.

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Speak in front of an audience.

Learn to drive. (That was a really big one.)

Take a yoga class.

Welcome back, @ubersiren. Please stay.

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i managed to get into university…..........and with my skills in procrastination, that’s an accomplishment!!

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completed the Marine Corps Marathon at age 53 with only the 6 months training with AIDS Marathon group, never having been a runner before, and only quitting smoking halfway through training.
And I wasn’t the last one.
Afterward I could not walk to my car.

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Teach French with no formal training.

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My black belts in Hapkido and Pek Kwar (Kung Fu).

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I quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey. It is possible if you want it bad enough kids.

In fact, most anything can be categorized and qualified the same way.

note to self: don’t fuck with @SuperMouse

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@Blondesjon congrats!
however, I quit cold turkey several times, even for years. I used to say enough, and take my remaining pack of cigarettes outside and leave it on a wall or top of a trashcan where a homeless person might find it. Recently, I picked it up again sort of halfway. Soe days on some days off but actually buying a pack sometimes.

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Leave an unhappy marriage and start a new life.

Best thing I ever did, i love my life!

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I completed four years of high school in one year thanks to homeschooling. If I can do that, anyone can….

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I am terrified of spiders especially tarantulas, and we have had them in our pet store. My SO will pick them up no problem. Me on the other hand am petrified. However, one day I made him take it out for me because I was tired of being so afraid of it. i was pale white, sweating, and trembling as I held the creepy crawler. After about a few minutes however I became adjusted. Before we sold this last one I took it out almost every time I came into work. I actually am considering buying one as a pet now. So! If I can concur ,my fear of spiders so can you!!! Turns out they are very calm non aggressive creatures, and they are fuzzy!!

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@Trance24 my god I can’t believe it! [I am afraid even of the spider picture in the dictionary]

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@Trance24 Isn’t it a rush to conquer what you once thought of as an insurmountable fear?

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I quit drinking soda pop, diet or otherwise. It sounds like a stupid thing to be proud of, but it was harder than quitting smoking.
Sweet, delicious nectar of life…...

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@WestRiverrat Yes, yes it is!!! Although there is a new species at the store now called a pink toed tarantula, I am a little skiddish around him he is much faster than the rose hair, and I am not sure about this species temperament. But he shall be mine!!!! I will concur him as well.

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::cough:: thats conquer not concur…

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