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What are your favourite and worst things about the warm months and cold months of the year?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4922points) August 12th, 2010

What i love about winter is that there are no mosquitoes and you get to make yourself all cozy with blankets and warm drinks and a hot bath is better in winter. Oh, and you don’t get all hot and sweaty during winter.
What i don’t like about winter is that it’s freezing to get into and out of the shower and i get lazy to do housework because i’m cold.

What i like about summer/spring is a greener garden, flowers and their lovely scents and the air just looks brighter. And you can make use of your swimming pool and float around on your pool floaty things.
What i don’t like about summer/spring is the HOT days that cause you get all hot and sweaty….i really really hate that. Oh, and mosquitoes of course.

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It’s been a long time since I lived somewhere that had real seasons.

I miss the smell most of all – the spicy scent of a pile of freshly raked autumn leaves… the crisp smell of snow, when there’s ice in the air… the first time you mow the lawn in the spring… The changing seasons always had this feeling of renewal.

Here in Florida it looks the same all year ‘round. It’s a little colder in “winter” (about a month between January and February), and more rainy in July and August, but otherwise, it’s always hot, and dusty, and there’s always pollen in the air. And the mosquitoes never go away.

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Winter Good – Writing my name in the snow. Carrot as a penis on snowmen.
Winter Bad – Everything else.

Summer Bad – Mosquitoes. Mowing the lawn.
Summer Good – Everything else

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My least favorite thing about summer is the heat; most favorite, knowing autumn will come.

My most favorite thing about winter is the cold; least favorite is knowing summer’s ahead.

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I feel fortunate to live where we get a little of everything in all it’s glory. Hot sizzling summer days are great for cooling off in the pool, lake or river and snowy wintry days are made for playing in the great white outdoors or snuggled up by a fire.

Sunny spring days are great for watching life and nature awaken and renew itself and the fall is just awesome for walks in the forest preserve to feel the cool fresh air of autumn all around you.

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Warm months:
Favorite, the heat.
Worst, the heat

Cold months:
Worst, sun sets too early.
Favorite, clear crisp evenings.

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Winter, positive: Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year, love Christmas decorations and movies, and spending warm evenings by the fire, snowboarding in the mountains, going Christmas shopping in downtown SF. Some of my favorite traditions. :)
Winter, negative: Cold dreary unpleasant depressing weather.

Summer, positive: No school, vacation time, mountain biking, boating, river rafting, get to spend time in the water, time with my boyfriend, my birthday, etc.
Summer, negative: Can sometimes be too hot, otherwise, summer has few negatives for me.

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Living in New England, we get to experience all four seasons which is nice. I unequivocally love Autumn and Spring so they’re all good. However…

Love: Bundling up in layers of clothes, snow, hot chocolate, homemade soup, walks late at night, sledding.
Hate: Shoveling.

Love: Farm fresh vegetables and fruit, long days (late sunset)
Hate: Everything else (I really dislike the Summer).

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Warm months? In England!?! Well on the odd day it is warm it’s good to get out & about, especially with the kids.
Winter months? Why Christmas of course!!! :¬)

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I think that people who get snow are more likely to like winter. Here in western California, winter is just cold without the fun of snow. So it sucks.

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Warm months – BBQs and wearing tshirts are great, but sweating loads is bad!
Cold months – snuggling up with a nice man and a hot cuppa :-) Bad things – nearly getting frostbite whenever you leave the warmth of the house!

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I’m a Canuck. Southern, Ontario.

Fall: leaves changing color, the smell of fallen leaves, crunchy leaves when you walk on them, the crisp Fall air. It’s my favorite season.

Winter: 5–6 longass months here. November through to December, not so bad. January to April – cold, bitter cold at times. Tons of snow. The winter blues. Cabin fever. Layers of clothing, shoveling snow, pretty Christmas lights, pain-in-the-ass driving (roads can be slippery, the snow plow guys don’t always get to your area quickly)

Spring: flowers, Spring air, that smell….

Summer: sticky, humid, hot, thunderstorms, swimming, camping, concerts..

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I absolutely dread the heat anything over 65 i hate, anything over 75–80 i can’t stand. But i like the crickets and thunder storms and the birds singing.
I love the cold, but i hate the lifelessness.

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My answer is pretty much the same as @jjmah s. About the only good thing about summer is that the crops grow well. I love the autumn colors and cool air. Winter brings cross-country skiing and cuddling by the fireplace. Spring is fine until the mud gets knee deep and the black flies come out.

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Hot months:
worst: the heat
best: the long days
also-rans: for best cooling off in an ocean, cooling off in a pool, breezes, AC

Cold months
worst: the cold, the short days, winter rain
best: a warm fire, a drink, music, and a view through my window of snow; going out all bundled up when there is a snow flurry of fat flakes that actually warms the air with its blanket
also-rans: counting down the days till daylight savings ends, til the equinox

I am a weather wimp. I believe the weather should be between 55 and 80 with gentle breezes for ninety percent of the year, and have dramatic thunderstorms, blizzards, and hailstorms for the other 10% just for the sheer theatre of it.

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I like spring because of the blooming flowers. I hate it because of my allergies.

I like summer because of my birthday. I hate everything else about it really (at least here were it is horribly hot and humid).

I like fall because of the colors and because the weather cools down. There really isn’t anything I dislike about fall here.

I like winter because it is cold and because of the snow! The only thing I don’t like about the winter is the way people panic about the snow.

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It’s about equal for me.

I don’t like the mega hot weather much, but, the evenings up here are awesome. Great star gazing in the summer.

Fall is beautiful, and winter is also great, it is soup making weather!
My house is so cozy and sometimes there is a good snow which is always fun. Last year we had the storm of the decade, a foot at my my elevation.

Spring is glorious, everything green, green, green, mountain lupine and lots of other beautiful native plants blooming.

I love all the seasons, but could live without the 100 degree days of summer anymore. lol

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@DominicX: Absolutely. Snow is great to watch, to walk in, to play in. It really makes winter, WINTER.

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Warm months: beach!!!

Cold months: Can’t think of anything positive except you know the warm months are coming.

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Oooh, how could i forget?! Another favourite of warm months is also BBQing so much more fun, and of course the rain!!! :D (we don’t really have winter rains around here). I absolutely ADORE the rain….
And also another bad for me about winter is the early mornings are still dark…..that’s no fun getting up early in the dark.

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Another good thing about winter, the long nights; especially if snowed in with that special person. Soft rugs in front of fireplaces…

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land ‘Cept i don’t have a working fireplace. Or snow. sniff

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Last Dec. 7th we had the storm of the decade, over a foot of snow, power was out for 3 days, no phones, I was stuck in my driveway, frozen water pipes, reading by lantern light and stuffing the cat under the covers with me. lol

It was really fun for the 1st 24 hours, after that, not so much! haha

I managed to get out of my driveway on day two and there was a frozen hill down the road, about 4 of us slip sliding around and careening into the woods, my neighbors car slid past mine and missed me by inches, I slid backwards down the hill and, miracle of miracles went off the road and missed a bunch of huge trees!

One neighbor was shuttling everyone up the hill on his ATV and another was passing out goodie bags for those os us stuck in the snow waiting for our ride.

My neighborhood rocks, a great occasion to bring out the best in everyone! :-)

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@NaturallyMe Here’s your fireplace . Now throw some detergent flakes on the windows, crank the A/C and grab your sweetie. :^D

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” throw some detergent flakes out the window” lolol

Reminds me of going through customs in Taipei city last spring and while re-distrubuting some excess weight in my luggage a baggie of Taiwan Tide exploded all over the conveyor belt! hahaha

A tense moment as the customs agent and I locked eye’s…uh no, I am not smuggling heroin out of asia!

WHEW! lol

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land hehe…. :) (‘cept we don’t have an A/C either…) :P

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Love Everything about it…
Hate Shoveling, but that can be fun, so I don’t really hate it

Love Smell of cut grass, it’s not too hot yet
Hate Pollen rounding up my allergies and making me feel like crap.

Love Going on vacation
Hate The heat and humidity, mosquitoes, other bugs biting me

Love The colors of the trees changing, the crisp days and nights, cool weather, smells of autumn, leaves falling off the trees (I love the look of bare trees)
Hate Absolutely nothing about autumn do I hate

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Do the falling leaves mess with your aesthetic-ness. lol

Me too…fall is finally here, maybe a little rain this weekend, I am soooo ready!

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Six months of pure coldness are here! Wahooo! Let’s celebrate.

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