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What do you think of iAds?

Asked by apleman (6points) August 12th, 2010

Advertisers and developers are saying that Apple’s iAd blows away competing ads. What do you think about this? Do you enjoy clicking on iAds or do you hate them?

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Unfortunately i haven’t seen anyone yet. I don’t think Apple has launched iAds in Europe yet…

However, from what I’ve seen on the keynote, this is something new compared to other ads, mobile and in general. I’m pretty sure i will enjoy the ads and try to click them all when I know it might be a mini game or other fun stuff there waiting for me.

I remember the first time i saw ads from Fusion Ads, it blew me away. I was happy every time i saw a new ad in Tweetie! The ads were beautiful and they advertised products i really wanted. My guess is that I’ll get the same feeling when the iAds come to Europe.

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I have never clicked on an ad. Never. I never will.

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@zenele why don’t you. It’s what makes developers able to create great apps and sites for free. Sites like Fluther and Facebook depends on it. And if you see something interesting form an ad you know you can trust, like the Fusion Ads, why not click it? I have Apps now that I learned about a long time ago in Ads that i use everyday.

I’m not saying that i click many ads, because I don’t, but if i see something great or interesting i don’t feel bad about clicking them, I feel great. I’m supporting a developer with the click of my mouse button!

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I must say I have conflicted feelings about iAds. I see the benefits that @wilhel1812 mentioned. But I don’t particularly like Apple’s policies, which makes me question iAds.

I have clicked on my share of these ads and I’ve clicked on the less snazzy ads, I feel like either way you will get the attention of those that would have had interst in the product you are advertising, game/fun stuff in the ad or not.

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It is like portaible dimenzione.It has got an plas and a minus.That is mean an extra credit for you in situatione but les time to spend around…....added by the maintener

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