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What should I do ,I really feel bad?

Asked by blueberry (8points) August 12th, 2010

Iam 15 ,Iam over weight and every time I start dieting I get headaches and sometimes I faint , I tried diffrent types of diets but the same thing happens to me every time. Whould you please tell me why does this happen and how to lose weight?

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Don’t diet, live healthier.

Eat in moderation and eat healthy foods. Gradually increase your activity level and exercise.

Be consistent. Don’t expect miracles and overnight changes – make lifestyle changes and make them permanent.

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i used to suffer from something very similar, however i was probably underweight. i used to get head rush standing up too fast, and fainted on one occasion.
I got fed up with it so decided to start doing more excercise to increase my body’s natural defences and my general fitness. I’ve been at the gym for about a year now and no longer suffer from any of the problems i had before. I eat a normal balanced diet, a fair share of fruit aswell as carbs and lots of protein. Diets are very hard to get right and maintain effectively, your better off just sticking to eating in moderation and using your common sense in what you should and shouldn’t be eating/doing. Another suggestion is to definately see your GP to see if they can provide any specific tratments/guidance.
hope this helps.

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You may want to go see a nutritionist and a trainer. They can help set up a plan you can follow that won’t leave you lightheaded. You probably should have your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels checked too.

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Don’t be too hard on your body. Eat consistantly. Starving yourself will only slow down your metabolism. I agree with @WestRiverrat as well.

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What are the ways your parents are addressing your concerns, if at all?

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I would talk to your family GP sbout this. S/he should be able to start you on a good path.

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Consider a medically supervised weight loss program that will monitor your progress and teach you how to avoid things like sudden drops in blood sugar, which can make you feel faint and are also dangerous.

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Find out if there are any support groups in your area. Having someone there to cheer, cry and bully you when you need it will help immensely.

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Have you been tested for diabetes?

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it’s not overly necessary for you to start worrying that you may be diabetic before even visiting the doctor. it may be entirely down to poor eating habits and lack of appropriate exercise. Like it’s been suggested, definitely pay a visit to your GP to get precise and specific advice on your situation.

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eat live foods. thats the simplest form of eating healthy. By “live” foods I mean produced by mother nature, nothing made in a lab, processed, fast food, pretty much anything that has been modified to taste delicious. Eating healthy foods with proteins, monosaturated fats, fiber etc can really shed pounds off… Don’t use the word diet, make a lifestyle change!!!

As far as the headaches, are you not consuming as much caffeine? Soda, including fast food contains large quanities of caffeine, and can give you pounding headaches if you quit to fast…

And lastly, see a doctor regardless, to do bloodwork and offer additional solutions…

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You really have to watch all of those popular “no-carb” diets and what not, that completely try to exclude certain nutrients. Also as mentioned, diabetes may be the case. If you do decide to try any of those diets, read them thoroughly as you may be missing an important step or supplement.

To lose weight, the key is to watch your input – eat less and exercise more. Don’t snack throughout the day – eat three hearty meals and exercise almost daily. You should be getting at least 20 minutes of vigorous activity per work out. Try to make a habit out of exercising right when you wake up to start the day, or immediately after school before you get to work or homework.

Stick to it! It’s a never-ending process but eventually you will get the results you want. Health is a commitment.

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@Disc2021 I have to disagree with only 3 meals a day. I get better results with 6–8 smaller meals a day than I did with 3 a day. It is easier for me to maintain my blood sugar levels. And I don’t get the sensation I am starving.

That is why a visit to a nutritionist is so important. They can tailor the program to fit @blueberry‘s needs.

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I can understand wanting to get your weight under control. One thing that is really important for you to remember is that your body is still growing and maturing. Messing up your food intake with diets that restrict some things can actually have bad effects on you for the long term. Healthy eating at your age is the key. Your body needs nutrients to fully mature.

If you haven’t already discussed this with your parents, now is the time to do it. Then make an appointment with your doctor and talk to them about it. @blueberry, when you say you start dieting, what do you mean exactly? What kind of diets are you doing? What kind of exercise are you doing? It could be that you are not taking in enough nutrients and that your sugar levels are low from using the sugar during exercise. If you aren’t hydrated enough, it could be low blood pressure. Are you drinking enough fluids? The best thing to do is talk to your doctor and go from there. When you talk to your doctor about be, be completely honest about what you eat and what kind of exercise you do. If you want, you could write down everything you eat for the 3 days or so before your appointment and take that in with you to give them an idea of what you are eating. In the mean time, if you want to start eating healthier, start by decreasing the amount of junk food in your diet and replacing it with healthy snacks.

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You might also consider joining a good support group, online and in real life. Most diets don’t work, many are even counterproductive. Swimming in cool water (indoor or outdoor swimming pool) burns a lot of extra calories because your body needs to stay warm.

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