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What's the first thing you would say to a newborn?

Asked by Artistree (922points) August 12th, 2010

Ok, so my sister is currently in labour about to give birth to her second son. Hoping to meet him tomorrow. I’m guessing ‘Do you want a smoke?” wouldn’t be appropriate. What would you say to him?

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I love you and welcome to the world, little one.

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Well I can tell you what I did say when both of mine were born. Actually not a lot at first, too choked up.Oh yeah the tears flowed, unforgettable!!

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I would probably just say “hello there cutey”!

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I will always have gum.

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Welcome to your journey little one.

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lets hope you take after you mum in the looks department!

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Hello, baby! You’re beautiful.

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Welcome to the world little man.

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Good luck and here is my number in case you ever need anything.

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I always welcome newborns to the world with a nice “aloha.”

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When you are old enough you need to apologize to your mother for what you did to her vagina.

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“Well hello Dolly, lookin’ swell Dolly….....!”

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Honestly, probably something like “Cutcha cootchie coo” but I would mean “aren’t you beautiful, innocent and perfect. Enjoy it.”

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I agree with @Blondesjon lol.

Actually, I’d say “hey sweetie hi!” and do goofy smiles. ;)

It beats what my mom said when she saw me. “Ehh, I’ve got another one at home.” I was shocked when she told me that, but I didn’t get mad because she told me they put drugs in her. :)

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Why don’t you get a job?

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What I actually said was a very northern “Eh up”. He didn’t seem to mind. I suspect he’s wise enough to read between the lines.

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I love you little one,your always be my baby forever.

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What is all this greasy white stuff?

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@mattbrowne Way to bring down a sweet baby thread. :-)

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@chyna – My attempt at humor ;-)

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You were an accident

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