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Have you read the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson?

Asked by Rickover (110points) August 12th, 2010

Have you read the Mars trilogy by Robinson?What is your oppinion?Is his image of the future reallistic?

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I’ve read it. It’s good. It’s not realistic.

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I only ever finished the first one. I found it kind of tedious. I loved Pacific Edge and The Gold Coast, though. And especially Escape From Kathmandu.

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i started reading Red Mars, but struggled to get into it. possibly because i was reading a few books at the same time but from what i read, i agree with @Rarebear, it’s not overly realistic. Will try again in the future though!

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Yes. First, one was good. Second, was OK. Third, I couldn’t be bothered with.

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I read them all and really enjoyed them. It was a great romp. I don’t think it could happen in reality, although there were lots of neat ideas.

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Red Mars was OK, but I couldn’t get into the others.

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